ETH breaking 1k!

ETH breaking 1k!

By maurolegal92 | cryptotraderml | 4 Jan 2021

So, I've been following ETH prices for the last week (I keep an aye on it regularly but last week did so more intensively). I'm new in the crypto world so besides my basic analysis on TradingView, I keep a close eye on Twitter to see what the "experts" say. I know that we aren't supposed to take any word for granted as there are a million ways we could've screwed if we put our faith or rely only on what some dude on Twitter says...

But man... How much am I regretting not buying when it has at 700ish. In fact, I did buy but was scalping it. Mostly because I'm trying to earn some trading experience since almost all the crypto I have comes from direct purchase.

All these people on my TW feed were saying "watch out for ETH...", "You'll regret not buying..." and so forth. That's the main reason I was following the price closely. But seems that the markets do their crazy stuff when I'm sleeping, because today I woke up and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the chart!!

ETH breaking 1k

But oh well... You know what they say... Sometimes you win and some other times you learn. I'll take the last one and think of this as a beautiful learning experience. This in fact makes me wanna dig deeper into the crypto world. Every day I found it more and more fascinating.

I'll keep on scalping for the moment and try and make a few dollars. Maybe when the prices get a correction or stabilize a bit I'll buy and HODL.

See you guys, stay safe!

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