Bitcoin will be soon 11k $ ?

Bitcoin will be soon 11k $ ?

By ionutzu97 | Faucets and other things | 18 Feb 2020

Hello everyone!

Bitcoin reached again the 10k $ threshold.
The first time in 2020 when bitcoin exceeded 10k $ was on February 9, when the volume of bitcoin circulated in the last 24 hours was
close to $ 37,000,000,000.

Bitcoin is the currency that since its inception has attracted the attention of all. The highest value of bitcoin in 2020 was hit on 13
feb,where the price was near 10.45k with a 24h volume of : 42.500.000.000 $


This is a huge amount of money.

Expert Tom Lee predicts that by the end of 2020, bitcoin will reach the $ 40,000 threshold.

Bobby Lee Prediction:

Bobby Lee, CEO of China’s first exchange- BTCC said before that it would take 20 years for BTC to reach $1 million.
Now his prediction totally changed. Bobby Lee, the co-founder of BTCC (Hong Kong-based Bitcoin exchange) and the brother of
Charlie Lee, Litecoin creator gave an extremely bullish prediction but started with bearish though. He claims that Bitcoin might pick
up from late 2020 and could reach $333,000 in 2021 and then fall down to $41,000 in 2023. He iterated that the market capital
might reach $7 trillion, that might surpass the market cap of gold. He even mentioned that Bitcoin would lead to price stability and
global liquidity in the coming years.

With the price fluctuations of the last month, I think that bitcoin will reach the threshold of $ 11,000 either at the end of February
or at the beginning of March.

At present, February 18, 2020, the price is about $ 9,900 with a volume in the last 24 hours of $ 42,000,000,000.


I would like to know ur oppinions too. What do you think about the BTC price in next month? will get up or down?

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Faucets and other things
Faucets and other things

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