Passive Income: How to earn big with Masternodes?

By nejibens | Cryptotalking | 5 Sep 2019

One of the most attractive features of cryptocurrencies, is that it is offering us the opportunity to earn a passive income. The passive income could be gained from multiple ways with cryptocurrencies, but today I am talking in this post about The Masternodes.

Basically, there are some coins offering the possibility to their holders to earn a daily extra income by just holding some amount of their tokens in their secured wallets. The most known coin running with Masternode is Dash. But there are many other cryptocurrencies less expensive than Dash, because running a masternode with Dash is actually very expensive (you need to hold 1000 Dash in your wallet to run a masternode).

Usually, to run a masternode, you need a minimum required amount of coins of that cryptocurrency, you also need a VPS or a server to host the masternode for you, and a dedicated IP address. Maybe it seems very complicated for you at this stage, but continue reading, there many solutions to these requirements.

Before starting, you must choose the cryptocurrency that you will run a masternode of its coins. For this, you have to spend some time, to make your own careful research, because there are so many scams and shitcoins in the Masternode world. The most effective monitoring site that will help you a lot to pick the most profitable coin is . This website will give you the list of all the coins working with masternodes, and all the details needed about them ( the price, the required amount to run a masternode, the exchange, the chart of trading..). Check the website, and take your time to visit many coins and comparing them to choose the most profitable coin, according to your views.


After choosing the right coin, you will need to download its wallet (download the newest version from the official website of the coin), and then you have to buy the required amount (or a bit more for the fees) to run the masternode from the exchange (you can see the exchange listing the coin in Now follow the instructions explained usually on the website to run your masternode (as noticed above, you will need a VPS and a dedicated IP usually). If you don't like to go through all these technical requirements, you can easily invest your coins in a trusted shared masternode service online, there are a lot of websites running shared masternodes for so many coins and you need just to sign up and to deposit your coins there, to receive daily income of that coins depending on the amount you deposited. One of the most known services of shared masternodes is  Simple Pos Pool. But there are so many similar services online.


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