Yobit exchange: Bonus for not buying your order!

By Kattt | CryptoTalk & Yobit | 28 Nov 2020

The exchange offers a bonus in the new yodefi coin for placing orders in certain pairs. You get paid for not buying your order!

You can trade in pairs:

btc-usd, btc-usdt, btc-rur, eth-usd, eth-usdt, eth-rur, trx-btc, doge-usd, doge-usdt, doge-rur, xrp-btc, xrp-usd, xrp-usdt, xrp-rur

For every 10 minutes until your order is purchased, you are awarded coins.

Coins stop being credited if the transaction has taken place, or you have canceled the order.

The price of the coin 0.08$


Or 437 sat


My results for 2 days: Delivered 8 pairs, 4 of which were purchased


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CryptoTalk & Yobit

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