How and how much you can earn on the Yobit crypto exchange

By Kattt | CryptoTalk & Yobit | 15 Nov 2020

Welcome to the Yobit exchange!

An overview of the main features can be found here

How to make money here?

1) Trading.

Buy cheaper and sell more expensive. I don't know how to trade, so my income for half a year was only$25-26

How much can I earn? Depends on your abilities and your investments. 

2) Investment.

You can Deposit coins and earn up to 15% per day! But, on bitcoin and etherium, the percentage will be small. And for altcoins, the price of which may fall the next day, high.

Please note that some tariff plans require you to meet certain conditions.


How much can I earn? up to 15% per day! For half a year, my income was about$15. But I don't invest a lot of money.

3) Dice.

Depends on your luck and approach. There are people who win a few dollars every day.


How much can I earn? I don't play because I often lose.

Moreover, for the fact that you have on your account from 500,000,000 exchange dice coins, then for playing on certain coins every day, you can get from 125,000,000 dice coins per game.

4) Virtual mining.

The exchange itself offers to buy a starter package. But you do not get bitcoin, but a MINEX exchange coin. The price for it is constantly changing.


How much can I earn? It was possible to buy power from September, but at that time I did not have any free money and I did not buy a starter package. Now I'm not sure that in 2 months I will have time to make a profit. 

5) CryptoTalk.

This is a forum from the exchange. By connecting your account between the exchange and the forum, you can get a Talk exchange coin for your posts. You can write up to 20 posts per day and give up to 50 ratings. The maximum you can earn is 450 Talk.


How much can I earn? On average, I earn $ 8-10 a day, depending on the course.

6) Pony game.

These are regular bets on horse races, and the exchange itself conducts the races virtually. The bet is high, but the win is high.


How much can I earn? Depends on the number of participants. The amount of bets is divided by the number of winners minus tax.

7) Freecoins.

Exchange users themselves send unwanted coins to this section and anyone can pick them up. Last year, 500 doge were distributed.


How much can I earn? Next to nothing. But there are generous gifts. My income for the year was about 10,000 sat.

8) Airdrops.

Several times a year, the exchange conducts airdrops. On average, I get$ 30 each.

How much can I earn? If you immediately sell the coin, the average is$30. If you attract new participants and continue playing with the course, you can earn$300 and more.


Good earnings! Link to the exchange


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