Is it possible to work with Yobit? Overview of the exchange

By Kattt | CryptoTalk & Yobit | 13 Nov 2020

I started working with the exchange in 2019. Registered on the advice of my friend. He explained that there are opportunities to invest in different tokens on the exchange. Previously, I have never encountered exchanges and this was my first experience. I can't say that this experience was always pleasant. But this is not the fault of the creators, but a lack of knowledge.

Let's start with the interface. The exchange supports 3 languages: Chinese Russian and English. On the right there is a chat in 5 languages!


You can find the main buttons at the top. In addition to the standard market, there are additional earning opportunities: investment, free coins, dice (doubling game).

The balance with the most expensive currencies in your wallet and an excerpt from popular currency rates are displayed on the left.

Looks like everything is easy and understandable. Even going through the iPad, nothing slows down and is easy to use.

Positive: a clear interface, the site is not overloaded, and many tokens are represented on the exchange. It is possible to invest tokens. The exchange often conducts airdrops and ICOS. The exchange often makes small gifts. For example last year they gave away 400dogecoin for their anniversary

Cons: there is no mobile version, most wallets are not popular coins blocked for Deposit or withdrawal, high Commission.

My income on the exchange for 2 years was 0.0012 btc (airdrops and gifts) My losses: 4000 dogecoin


Next time I will tell you about additional earnings on the exchange (with or without investments)


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