Through the 2018 bear Market, SKYCHAIN was favoured?

By Ayobami99 | Cryptostocksreviews | 15 Dec 2018

2018 ICO markets

2018 has been a year where the blockchain has found wider adoption and applications. There were several Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) almost doubling that of the previous years. As much as there were real projects, 2018 also marked a year with a higher number of scam ICOs. Though the 2017 bull market saw BTC peaked at almost 20K USD, 2018 has been a year of bearish market making it price now $3k+. Because of the bear market, many ICOs have been sent into oblivion.

Not just the market

 Even though the markets have not been favorable, many ICOs have been unfortunate to have community members who are impatient and wants to get rich quick. Many of the community members of ICOs in 2018 do not understand that their investments are for a project that is yet to be built. Many think as soon as a project completes its crowdfunding, they should begin to profit even without a working product. This has pressured many projects to list in markets as soon as they finish their ICO – this is unfair to the success of projects. This has cost the deaths of many projects this year than ever (neglecting scams). Though there are several other reasons why ICOs fails.

SKYCHAIN suffers the same fate?

The community of Skychain project have been at least very supportive and understanding that new projects need to go through development stages. The developers of Skychain also do have not put the community in darkness as to time-to-time updates on the project development.

Anyone who read this article will think I am being paid by the project team to write an article like this, but no, I am just a community member and believer of what blockchain innovations can do in the world today.

About Skychain


Skychain envisions a world where there are lesser deaths and mistakes on the part of doctors by helping them develop and train Artificial Neural Networks to help easily recognize diseases from X-ray scans.



It has been a painful thing in the world today as there are rare diseases which are not easily noticeable. Hospitals around the world operate almost independently as data or health records are not available to other hospitals aside the one which owns it. Laboratories around the world are also in the same fact, their works are only available to them and the hospitals they work for. Doctors also need helping hands as it takes a lot of time to go through health records to adequately diagnose rare diseases in patients.

Skychain wishes to be the bridge to these gaps. Skychain takes data from laboratories (which train NN) health institutes, hospitals, etc. and pay the royalties for the data they provide. These data sets are used to design or train Artificial Neural Networks which can be used to detect certain diseases. Read more here.

Some of the trained Neural Networks which have been trained By Skychain is available on their website for both doctors and patients who wish to know their health status. Some of the available Neural Networks available are

  • AI for respiratory diseases recognition (Currently at 82% Accuracy)
  • AI for bone abnormalities recognition (Currently at 82% Accuracy)
  • AI for skin cancer detection (Currently at 70% Accuracy)

Community Updates

The developers of Skychain do not keep the community in darkness as they give updates from time-to-time about the project. These updates can be found on their medium account. Projects need to also understand that frequent community update is vital to earning the trust of the community. There are many projects which go on hibernation today (community interaction) yet they are working hard to progress the project.

And how does this concern you?

You can also be a beneficiary of what Skychain is doing checking the project out. You can also check some of the Neural Networks out to see its accuracy and get some updates about your health. You can also speak to your doctor or connect your laboratories with them, (sure they will be paid for the datasets they provide).

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