EDC Mega Seminar in Ado-Ekiti Nigeria: Taking Territories for EDC

By Ayobami99 | Cryptostocksreviews | 27 Sep 2019

It was an exciting adventure and a great privilege for me to attend my first-ever EDC mega seminar hosted by Mr. Femi Jegede on September 14th at Ado-Ekiti. Mr. Jegede is a great EDC community leader, believer, and enthusiast. He was the first person to personally educate and supplied me with the necessary tools to understand EDC Blockchain when I was curious to know. It was only natural for me to interview him as I did a few weeks ago. The mega seminar was the first in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria with up to 50people in attendance. It is no surprise that enthusiastic men like Mr. Jegede are always the first to break good records in their city. 

The Mega Seminar

The seminar began with prayers and Mr. Jegede was introduced as the speaker. He started the seminar with a brief introduction about cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). You can easily notice the silence in the hall as all are keen to know what sentence will come next. He proceeded further to reveal to his audience how African countries are beginning to see the light of cryptocurrency through the government. Several videos were shown from people in government and news from different African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, etc. In a video, Mr. Musa Jimoh the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Deputy Director spoke and said the Nigerian government is looking at the many use cases of cryptos and where they can key in. 

One can easily sense the jolts of excitement these videos sent into the audience as they are relieved and understood that cryptocurrency is not illegal. He also affirmed this after the video. 

Mr. Jegede proceeded to concisely explain the concept of EDC leasing to the audience whose attention is totally wrapped at the words coming out of his mouth. He explained that EDC provides an opportunity for holders in three in independent aspects: as an MLM, Investment, and trading (price appreciation). He explained leasing on EDC Blockchain and established the fact that users can easily exchange their coins to other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as there are many exchanges. People who wish to get fiat too can do that as there are escrow services like LUNO and Remitano. 


Mr. Jegede gave an EDC wallet creation walkthrough and pointed out the importance of writing down one's brain key and confirming if what was written down was correct. He related a sad experience of a community member who lost a huge amount for errors in copying the brain key. You can hear the loud murmur of surprise of the audience who wonder at the security model of the blockchain. He went further to explain what ECROFUND and ECROPLACE is and what opportunity it holds for all. At this point, you could almost grab a hold of the willingness, excitement, and readiness of the crowd as they are willing to utilize the opportunity that was presented to them. 


He gave room for questions which according to him was the whole essence of the seminar. Many questions were asked by the curious community and he gave them accurate answers. Most of the questions were centered on having more room to come down to the grassroots as to the explanation of EDC and it's workings. My personal conclusion was to have more and more mega seminars like this. 


I was honored too as Mr. Jegede called me up to say something about Every Day Coin (EDC). I did my best to explain what decentralization meant in basic terms. I concluded by saying ‘We have seen the future and taken hold of it… ’

The seminar was concluded with group pictures. 

Take Homes

While the seminar was on,  these are some ideas that came:

  • More seminars like these are needed if we want to experience exponential growth of EDC community in Africa and worldwide. Mr. Jegede has already taken up the challenge as he is planning for another. 
  • Fiat-EDC exchange is needed if EDC will capture more people. One of the biggest barriers that EDC is facing at the grassroots is an exchange directly to fiat. It becomes a little hard for many to move funds from crypto exchange to crypto exchange. The fees are simply too high for smaller amounts of EDC. This is a call to the EDC team and leaders around the world. I am sure this a very promising venture for anyone who will venture into it. 


This is just the beginning of EDC seminars that I will attend. I am happy I took the decision to attend. Many thanks to Mr. Jegede for the hospitality. EDC is moving to greater heights in Africa.

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