PolkaChain - Biggest Scam Of Late Or A Legit Drop ?

By That's The Bad Guy | CryptoSpree | 13 May 2021


Just a quick announcement to anyone that came across the "PolkaChain Airdrop".  Please don't invest a single cent into the project, there is a huge chance the project is a scam. 


I was just getting ready for bed when I came across a tweet about the "PolkaChain" Airdrop. I completed some tasks to get the free tokens and then noticed how fishy everything is.  If you believe in this project, that's your choice, here are some things that don't add up.

- Project team doesn't really exist, just some made-up people

- Cheap 1$ Domain

- Adress in the middle of nowhere

- Website looks like it was made by a kid

- Project is not listed on PolkaDot projects section

- One of the requirements to get the drop says: Write something positive about the project on our telegram group

- You will get instantly banned if you say something negative on their chat

- They will keep repeating that this is round number 2 of the airdrop, strangely the round one is nowhere to be found.

"But they are giving tokens for free, what are you talking about?" 

It seems like the airdrop was just made to power up their fake pre-sale.  The first thing you would notice when visiting their website is a big caption saying "Limited Pre-Sale is live with 20% BONUS" - Buy the tokens. 



What do you think is it a scam or I am just paranoid?

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