The Case for Brave

The Case for Brave

By CryptoLeonidas | CryptoSparta | 19 Sep 2020

How does earning money browsing the web privately sound? That was not a trick question. A web browser called Brave does exactly that. It can pay users in crypto while blocking intrusive and potentially malware-filled online ads. However, there is more to Brave than just free money and AdBlock.

Brave is a privacy-oriented browser with ad-blocking capabilities enabled by default. If one wishes to earn a cryptocurrency called the Basic Attention Token, or BAT for short, they can opt into Brave’s own advertising network. Once obtained, BAT can be tipped to designated “Content Creators,”  composed of people from a variety of webpages. (By the way, I am a Content Creator via Reddit at CryptoLeonidas.) It can also be redeemed for gift cards from a multitude of companies. BAT can be exchanged directly for cash straight away, as well. Last, but certainly not least, BAT can be saved in hopes that it will go up in value. (More on that later.)

Brendan Eich, the CEO of Brave, has created Javascript and co-founded Firefox, a browser whose dominance was likely stopped only by Google Chrome. Key members, including Eich himself, have been active in social media about Brave. They are actively working on adding features to Brave, including what they dub a "YouTube killer."

As for the future value of BAT, here is a little tale. Once upon a time in 2009, when Bitcoin was first being traded, it traded for less than a tenth of a cent per unit. As of this writing, it is now trading for over $10,000 per unit. That represents a multiplier of over 10,000,000! If BAT even remotely comes close to that multiplier, which is quite possible given the current small size of Brave relative to the companies it challenges, the wise investor could be in for a great fortune!

Most Big Tech companies are facing various privacy-related lawsuits, even now. Big Tech is also cooperating with Big Pharma in a very suspicious manner. (Try reading this paper straight from the Rockefeller Foundation concerning COVID-19 and telling someone that none of the content therein is suspicious and/or scary.) President Trump has even issued an executive order concerning censorship on what are supposed to be “digital forums.” (Think Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) People are getting wary and sick of being manipulated. In other words, most of Big Tech is screwed.

One caveat with Brave, however. As of yet, Uphold is its only payment partner for most functions. This wouldn't be a very big problem, except that according to many a disgruntled user, Uphold does not live up to its name with their customer service at all, among other functions to varying degrees. However, Brave has partnered with another wallet provider with a far better reputation: Gemini. Already, Gemini not only has a trading widget in the Brave Browser New Tab page, but is also the other withdrawal option for Creator Wallets (which by the way, are entirely separate from, rather than being upgraded versions of, User Wallets). Brave is even actively working with Gemini to add further functions in-browser, such as Gemini being a withdrawal option for User Wallets.

Brave is the new crypto-friendly privacy browser on the scene. It is led by Brendan Eich, the man to take down Chrome, among other Big Tech companies. When it comes to investing, BAT could be the next Bitcoin. People are already tired of being micromanaged in every aspect of life by Big Tech. Although Brave's current main wallet provider, Uphold, is pretty shoddy, Brave is fixing that issue via Gemini. Finally, as I like to say in this blog, THIS! IS! CRYPTOSPARTA!

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