VPN and VPS on AWS for free

How to Install and enjoy a Free 50gb VPN traffic via AWS

By Cryptoray | CryptoSpace | 19 Mar 2023

Syntropy is a working product, not a promise (Many Crypto projects are a promise until have been developed) & I decided to demonstrate it. How? Setting up and testing Syntropy's 50gb free VPN traffic ENCRYPTED BY DEFAULT & free.

The truth is that I was surprised how easy it is to follow the steps in the docs…

This is a snapshot of the starting video tutorial, and for users who don't want to read, there is a video below.

FrWIkKnaYAEz6HV?format=jpg&name=smallThe Snapshot


And the video

Following the required steps, I signed up at the developers portal on the Stack, created the account and generated the instance, the RSA keys to autenticate on the AWS VPS server and followed the simple steps without being a senior dev.

Remember to store your recently created RSA keys or use your own every day previous keys if you have them (private and pub keys).

The instance prepared and selecting UBUNTU to install and launch

After the preparation with the RSA vía launching an EC2 Instance (VPS) is the way by only a click on the Launch Button. After that, I can securely manage and access the console on my free VPS vía the amazon console or your prefered remote control access if you want to follow my steps and get this VPN for free.


The Syntropynet stack has a dashboard that you can understand easy if you are sysadmin or a daily dev. But, with the tutotial published that drives our team member Beata in the video that I shared above you can manage it as simple as using 15 minutes in your life. She is online at Telegram & Discord to help the users if get stuck on some step like I did configuring the firewall. And you can reach Beata (Our great Deverloper advocate) in our Syntropy's Discord or Syntropy's Telegram, be sure to reach the chat and claim to help if you get stuck.


Back to the topic, I set up the steps as the documentation instructs and in about 10 minutes I was done. Check some snapshots here (Remember that you can user your own prefered software but I recommend the best one, Wireguard):

Here you can see on my Syntropy Stack Dashboard the connection between AWS and My Android Phone


FrWOQREaMAI-8ZS?format=jpg&name=4096x4096My Wireguard on the Phone with the Syntropy VPN tunnel connected 

At this one You see the Speed Test from my Mobile routed via Amazon's VPS reaching the world out on Ohio, and I'm on Spain


Now I can choose whether I use my normal internet on the phone with Spanish IP or I route my traffic through the tunnel created that routes me through the Amazom VPS located in the US area of Ohio. It is stable, & the VPN average speed of 28Mb on the image above is tested. Not bad to being a FREE VPN. 

This post is shorted to avoid an extended long post, you can follow the detailed steps on the Syntropy Stack docs to did it step by step

If you are managing networks, Syntropy can Improve them without migrations or complicated tresholds. Thanks for read and you can reach us out on this following links.

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