Syntropy is developing a new way to Improve the entire Internet usage

How new protocols can potentially impact the global internet

By Cryptoray | CryptoSpace | 21 May 2023

Syntropy is the result of Internet Evolution

The Internet is in a never-ending evolution. However, some protocols are so well established and adopted that it is technically impossible to change them overnight, so they remain stuck in the past. At the same time, engineers and technicians are racking their brains and pouring all their experience into applying current knowledge to find realistic and viable solutions for today's needs, which are becoming more demanding as the years pass.

New protocols have the potential to be game-changers if they address existing limitations, improve security, enhance performance, or enable new capabilities. Here are some key factors that can contribute to a protocol's impact on the global internet:

  1. Scalability: A protocol that allows for efficient scaling of network resources can accommodate the increasing demands of an expanding user base and growing data traffic.

  2. Security: Enhancements in protocol design can improve security measures, such as encryption, authentication, and data integrity. Strong security measures are vital in protecting user data and ensuring privacy.

  3. Speed and Performance: Protocols that optimize data transmission, reduce latency, and enhance overall network performance can significantly improve the user experience.

  4. Interoperability: A protocol that facilitates seamless interoperability between different networks, devices, and platforms can foster collaboration and enable new applications and services.

  5. Decentralization: Protocols that promote decentralization can empower users by reducing reliance on central authorities, improving censorship resistance, and enhancing network resilience.

  6. Accessibility: Protocols that aim to bridge the digital divide, improve connectivity in underserved areas, or lower the barriers to entry for internet access can have a transformative impact on a global scale.

It is important to note that the success and impact of a new protocol depend on various factors, including adoption by network operators, support from the developer community, and compatibility with existing infrastructure and protocols. Therefore, it is essential to closely follow the development and adoption of specific protocols to assess their potential as key changers on the global internet. The Syntropy Network's DARP protocol is on the way explained above, read a bit more to know how.



Revolutionary technology and economic model



Syntropy's Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) is the foundational technology for the realization of Web3 and the Metaverse including improvements for ISP's and private networks. It is a smart, performance-driven, blockchain-based routing protocol that optimizes the movement of data through the fastest path. Unlike the current ossified routing protocol from the 1980s, which directs data to predetermined routes that can be attacked or affected by congestion and annoying random latency spikes, resulting in a suboptimal end-user experience.

As DARP nodes relay data traffic over superior and updated every second network paths, the node operator earns $NOIA tokens for its contribution. The utility token early deployed is the "gas" that facilitates the optimized movement of data through the Syntropy's DARP network. The token ($NOIA) provides the financial incentives for this key-changer network to be created and operated by and for the end-user community.

Using blockchain and smart contracts, all connections and data sent over the Syntropy DARP Network are accounted for on the chain of blocks, and all data that are transmitted through optimized routing are paid for in $NOIA tokens. Ultimately, this token represents the value derived from a high-performance network and its intrinsic value within the global economy.

Bill Norton and Jonas Simanavicius are the co-inventors of this latest patent and keepers of the vision. There is tremendous power in combinations, not just in technological combinations like DARP + blockchain + $NOIA, but in the combination of brilliant minds + creative teams.


If you are interested in learning more about this project and what it is doing in recent years, you can follow the links below as the official source of the project.

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