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Hi Guys ,

I want to share with you my first payment of this new token adopted by publishox LRC token .


First think I have to tell is that I downloaded a new wallet theone  publishox is sharing on their news , ATOMIC WALLET .c2e2ecf9b36d52ddcde920679d6e3aed7e9279514436e3216e6ef844e0bead85.jpeg

When you download and install this new wallet you will get 10 token free as you get their code ref in your app , I will explaine it later .




This wallet is very easy to use and it has a good graphics .

The good part is that everyone can use this wallet without KYC and so you can stake your crypto without many problems .

Download , install the app and in few minutes you will be ready to receive and send payment or stake your cryptos .

Once you had installed you can go to settings and airdrop to claim your free token , after that you can use your ref code to invite friends and get more 5 free atom token .

Please use my ref code so I can also get 5 free tokens

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