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KuCoin Shares (KCS) | Cryptocurrency You Must Have in Your Portfolio

By CryptoSorted | CryptoSorted | 7 Jan 2020

"You're a fool if you don’t invest in crypto assets," ~Tim Enneking.

There are fascinating times ahead for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors.

Many cryptocurrencies will fall out and die along the line as the natural selection process takes its course -starting from this year 2020.

If you want to find out what project or coin has a chance to survive, check this previous post on What to Consider Before Investing in any Cryptocurrency here.

Whether you are new to cryptocurrency or you have been in the space for months or years now; one thing you must prioritize this year (2020) and going forward is -creating, building and maintaining a healthy Cryptocurrency Portfolio.

What is a Cryptocurrency Portfolio?

Crypto PortfolioIn simple terms, a cryptocurrency portfolio refers to the collection of all the coins and tokens you hold as part of your overall investments. This may also include your investment(s) in crypto startups and other cryptocurrency and blockchain related projects. However, basically it is your total holdings or investments in cryptocurrencies (coins and tokens).

About KuCoin Shares (KCS)

KuCoin Shares (KCS) are the ecological token of the KuCoin Exchange Platform. They are an ERC-20 decentralized digital asset built on Ethereum. The total supply of KCS is constant at 200 million and will not be reissued in non-special cases. The allocation for the founding team and early investors is 100 million and the amount publicly available for users is 100 million. ~KuCoin

The KuCoin Shares is the native cryptocurrency of the KuCoin Exchange -Considered to be Binance (BNB) fiercest competitor; and offering investors the best dividends system  in the industry.

Holders of this token are entitled to a share of the 50% daily trading fee earnings or revenue of the Exchange according to the KCS Bonus Plan. Bonuses are distributed to the KCS holders in proportion to the size of their KCS holdings. That means that every holder earns a daily dividends based on the amount of the tokens they hold in each 24 hour period. The more KCS you hold in your exchange wallet, the more dividends you’ll receive daily.

So you can practically wake up every morning, confident that your KCS has delivered new babies into your account -now that's amazing, passive and residual income.

What Makes the KCS an Attractive Investment?

  • Low Entry to Participate
  • Daily Distribution
  • Considerable Profits
  • Limited Supply
  • Consistent Growth

KuCoin SharesLow Entry

Participating in the KuCoin Shares Bonus Program doesn't require one to be a whale or some big investor with a fat account. To enjoy the daily bonuses, KuCoin users are required to HODL a minimum of 6 KCS (around $7 as of writing this post) in either the Main Account, Trading Account or Margin Account; and secure their accounts with Google 2FA or Mobile Binding -and that's all.

Daily Distribution

You Earn Daily with KuCoin Shares.

The KuCoin Bonuses are paid everyday into your bonus account and you can claim or leave to accumulate. You are also free to withdraw them or convert them to any other cryptocurrency of your choice or better still keep them in your account to earn even more with compounding interest. That's how beautiful it can get with holding KCS.

Considerable Profits

Over 7% ARR that also grows with the market.

So how much can you earn with KuCoin Shares (KCS)? Of course that depends on the amount of KCS you have. There is a tool I love to use which calculates your potential earnings with a great deal of accuracy based on current market data -The KuCoin Shares Calculator. You can check it out.

The minimum earning estimated is around 7% Annual Return Rate (ARR). This is an estimated return on your investment and its worth noting that potentially the asset price and volume could increase causing your return to become even greater.

Basically you enjoy increasing profits as the volume and profitability of the exchange rises; as well as the price of the KCS token appreciates over time. You can only imagine what your earnings will be but the potentials are there and exceptionally looking good.

Increasingly Limited Supply

Future total supply to be 100 million tokens only.

Originally the KuCoin Shares has a total supply of 200, 000, 000 tokens.This will be ultimately reduced to 100,000,000 through the Quarterly KuCoin Buy Back and Burn Program where the exchange uses 10% of it profits from each fiscal quarter to buy back KCS from the market and burn.

The exchange plans to continue this quarterly KCS burn until there's only total supply of 100 million KCS. Even with current demand at this total supply price of the KCS token will more than double. Now add that up with the certain increase in volume and growth of the exchange as can be easily predicted from the level of development and innovation going on and you can be sure to net very good returns on your investment in the next 1 to 5 years.

Consistent Growth

Not only is it already a successful project, even in its early stages, KuCoin has all the pieces in place for bigger success down the road.

KuCoin has one of the best teams around that are committed to providing users with secure and convenient trading experience. The Exchange is constantly innovating and developing products and programs that gives maximum benefits and greater flexibility to the users and the KuCoin Shares powers all of these developments and serves as the utility token for all the platforms being development by The Team. 

Fast Facts About KuCoin Shares

  • Original total supply of 200 million tokens
  • 35% of the total supply was shared between the founders
  • 15% was shared among the consultants and angel investors
  • 50% was shared among the earliest members of the exchange
  • All Time High -$21.14 USD (Jan 07, 2018)
  • All Time Low -$0.323177 USD (jAN 31, 2019) 

Summary and Conclusion

The KuCoin Team never raised any money from the public through ICO or any form of token sales. In fact 100 million of the tokens were freely distributed to the earliest members of the exchange; while the remaining 100 million was shared among the team members, consultants and angel investors. So basically there's no way they can make their money without the exchange and the KuCoin Shares token becoming successful.

More so, the exchange is partly owned by the employees; has one of the most secure exchange infrastructure with no single record of any security breach since its inception and constantly building and developing innovative projects and programs with the aim of becoming one of the top 10 exchanges in the world.

With the right business model in place and backed by a highly experienced, competent team and global partners; KuCoin and the KuCoin Shares can keep growing and march through to the top of the cryptocurrency market.

Sign Up on the KuCoin Exchange, get some KCS and start enjoying some great daily dividends with peace of mind!

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, and nothing I present in this post constitutes financial advice.

Disclosure: I am an official affiliate partner of the KuCoin Exchange and own some KCS.

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