How to Become a Successful Publish0x Author
How to Become a Successful Author on Publish0x

How to Become a Successful Publish0x Author

By CryptoSorted | CryptoSorted | 9 Mar 2020

What defines a successful author on Publish0x and how can you become one of them?

As an Author on Publish0x, my primary goal is to help more people become successful crypto investors while also being able to at least cover the cost of my internet usage with the tips my generous readers share with me.

Those are the only important reasons why I am writing on this platform and if I am able to do just that I will consider myself a successful author on Publish0x.

So what’s your own goal? Why the hell are you publishing on this platform? Until you are able to define what you want to achieve with your writings here, you cannot really measure your success and progress.

Your goal could be just like mine or:

  1. You want to network and build relationships with people from all over the world.
  2. You just want to make (more) money
  3. You want to make your brand more visible to a larger audience (project teams).
  4. You want to use the platform to perfect your writing
  5. You got approved as an author and what the heck, you’re just writing as the spirit leads.

Whatever your reason and motivation is, you must, first of all, identify it or define it so you can always measure your success.

You can’t measure your success and progress with how far and how well others are doing on their own goals.

That said; let’s examine the combination of various factors that makes a successful author on Publish0x.

Caveat: I am by no means a Publish0x Expert; these are just what I am currently learning, researching and trying out.

Publish0x Algorithm: What Makes Your Articles go Viral on Publish0x?

Obviously, every writer wants to get read –even the ones you will consider poor or bad writers. Come to think of it; there’s no reason to write if people aren’t going to read it, right? Sure.

Therefore the dream of every author is to have all their articles go viral on the platform –reaching more people and earning more tips in the process.

But then, there’s a powerful gatekeeper to the viral island and her name is Publish0x Algorithm. You wouldn’t go anywhere if she doesn’t pick you and she’s not going to pick your article just because you carry a beautiful face and wear a holy smile –Nah!

Like a beautiful princess, you have to understand her and court her diligently; and less I forget she has so many suitors to consider; you will like to wear your best charm to stand a good chance of winning her heart and when you do –you can ride her all day, all week and even months.

Haven said that below are what the beautiful Publish0x algorithm is looking for in your article before she rides it to the front page:

  1. The quality of your article
  2. How many people are tipping your article (#1)
  3. How frequency you are posting (you never thought about that right?)
  4. How many followers you got
  5. Post timing (is there a perfect time to post?)
  6. How much comment your post is getting (overhyped)
  7. How much Like and Dislike your post has

1. Write Quality Articles

This keeps popping up as the first item every single time I write about being a successful author. Now come to think of it, will you rather feed your kids with a poorly made food or something nutritious that will help them grow into stronger, smarter adults?

Of course, we both know your answer; but what makes a quality post? Let me tell you what I think makes a great article.

  1. Your article is an answer to a question the reader has.
  2. Your article is original. I know you're not a copy cat.
  3. Your article presents all the relevant facts in a way that’s understandable to the readers.
  4. Your post is well-formatted and easily digestible.
  5. Your article connects or resonates well with the readers which causes them to take action –tip, follow or like.

Just produce quality articles and publish –simple!

2. Get More Tips

Yes. I know this one is not within your direct powers but if you did the number one correctly in addition to some other factors covered here, you will gain more tips.

More tips mean people love what you’re posting and the algorithm will pick it up and make it visible to more people and as those people tip you your article just keeps floating and rising to the top of the feeds.

The more sustained the tip the longer you last on the front page. As the tip slows down, so does your post ranking. It’s simple logic.

Tips are the fuel the algorithm uses to POWER YOUR POST. More fuel means, more mileage.

In my opinion, posts that gather a lot of tips in the first 1 hour gains faster traction. I didn’t code the algorithm so this is just what I feel from my observations.

3. Post Frequently

I guess many people never thought this matter, but I strongly feel it does.

Whenever I take a break from writing, like say 1 week; when I return my first few (1 to 3) posts perform poorly –I kind of lose steam and momentum.

But as I keep publishing, everything seems to start taking shape. You start regaining your visibility and ultimately start getting more tips.

Again, this is common sense; too much absence and you get forgotten.

You got to constantly feed your followers with fresh content; don’t let them starve and the algorithm will love you for it, and ride you hard up the feeds.

4. Get More Followers

This too is out of your direct control, but again, if you did the others mentioned above correctly you will consistently accumulate more followers.

People don’t follow you because you prayed for God to send you followers. People follow you because you publish great and fresh posts.

More so, people follow you to read more of your wisdom and knowledge; so the more you share the more followers you get.

But how do more followers translate to more tips and getting your article viral?

It’s simple, whenever you make a new post your followers are the first to know because they get notified that you just released another nugget. Guess what happen; –they rush to see what it is you have shared, and as usual, they leave a sweet tip for you.

If you have say, 1000 followers and assuming 200 or more of them were able to read and tip you within the first few hours, combined with those that found you through the new posts feed and other places, your post will gain more steam and power-up.

More followers lead to more tips. More tips lead to more fuel to power your post. More fuel means your article is going to the Publish0x moon –the front page.

5. Publish Your Post at the Right Time 

Timing is everything they say -and truly I think. 

What is the right time to post on Publish0x you asked? The bad news is - there's nothing like the "perfect time".

I have read some people say they have "discovered" the perfect time to post and reach more followers or gain more tips and that it's a private information -BS.

There's nothing secret about the timing nor is there even any perfect time.

But there's a "good time" to post. 

So what's a good time to post? -when most of your readers are online.

It's simple. If you post when your readers are sleeping, your article will definitely follow them to sleep; and by the time they are awake, it's already cold. 

You need people reading your article when it's fresh and hot -right from the moment that you hit "publish". Remember, the first few hours are important to your post's success.

But how are you going to know when most people (your readers and followers) are awake; given we are all in different time zones and you don't even know what time zone your readers belong -- that's the real secret.

It's your responsibility to find out the answer for yourself.

But the most I can to tell you is "post when more people are online." and "post when they still got tips left to spend on your article".

Good luck.


I have seen lots of articles with zero comments go viral. I have studied the relationship between article comments and popularity and haven’t found any strong correlation yet. Maybe its influence is not that significant, because comments can be easily abused to game the system.

So, personally I don’t worry too much about comments except I love to hear feedback from my readers –purely to answer questions, connect deeper and build stronger relationships.

Aside from that, comments are simply just another user adding their opinion to what you’re saying in the article. Not a significant ranking factor, if at all it is even considered in ranking decisions.

7. Likes and Dislikes

This is one feature that’s been highly discussed by Publish0x users. Many people have taken the "thumbs down" more personal than necessary.

Does the thumbs down (downvote) affect your article success –in the words of the Team –“NO”

Likes and Dislikes are not necessarily a post ranking factor and thus should be taken with a grain of salt. It's just another way for users to express their feelings about a particular post in addition to tipping.

In Conclusion

You will notice from the foregoing that being a successful author on Publish0x means, you are able to:

  1. Reach more people.
  2. Gain more tips.

I believe these are the universal goal of every author here; though there could be unique cases.

What do you think about being successful as an author on this beautiful platform, share your experience and knowledge let’s learn together.


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