HIRING Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News JOURNALISTS
Hiring Cryptocurrency Journalists

HIRING Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News JOURNALISTS

By CryptoSorted | CryptoSorted | 2 Mar 2020

CryptoSorted is an independent blockchain and cryptocurrency publishing website, and we’re looking to hire the following experienced, skilled and competent professionals to help deliver on our mission and vision.

  1. Cryptocurrency and blockchain news journalists

Our news products will be hitting the market soon, and growing our news and content research team is part of our ongoing commitment to providing insightful, actionable and intelligent content for our readers and subscribers.

As a news writer and journalist for CryptoSorted, you’ll deliver engaging news articles that provide insight and caters to the needs of a highly intelligent audience. Our readers are crypto early adopters, blockchain innovators, and crypto newbies and they’re all looking for informed and insightful content.

What we are looking for in a cryptocurrency journalist:

  • The ability to select intriguing news stories and locate primary and secondary sources.
  • The tenacity to deliver a minimum of 10 articles of 450-750 words each, every week.
  • Knowledge of best-practice SEO techniques.
  • The potential to assist the publishing team in preparing the work for WordPress.
  • Exceptional attention to detail and fact-checking skills.
  • Demonstrable writing expertise in business markets.
  • An understanding of journalistic ethics, and ideally – U.S First Amendment rights.
  • A passion for journalism and a strong interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Instructions for submitting your application – please read carefully, as we guarantee that 50% of the people who apply for this position will not bother. And therefore, following these simple instructions automatically puts you in the top half of the candidate pool.

  1. Send a link to your LinkedIn or Twitter profile to careers@cryptosorted.info and make sure it is up-to-date. Feel free to use the subject line ‘Cryptocurrency Journalist’ and your name.
  2. Send links to THREE work samples – if unpublished, host them somewhere. On Publish0x is fine. We will NOT open any documents, PDFs, or any other attachments.
  3. In the body of your message please:
    1. Tell us why you are interested in crypto and blockchain.
    2. What you can offer our readers.
    3. How you will find stories and sources to become immediately valuable to our company.
    4. State your salary expectations for the position. 



  1. Authors (market analysis, reviews, guides.)
  2. Media Producers (video, audio & graphics)

The same application process applies.


We look forward to your application – and if you know someone who might be a good fit, share this post with them.


Thank you.

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