Brave Browser Gains 1m New Users in March
Brave gains 1m new users

Brave Browser Gains 1m New Users in March

By CryptoSorted | CryptoSorted | 2 Apr 2020

According to a tweet by the Brave Head of Marketing –Des Martin on April 1, 2020; Brave gained a whopping 1m new users in March alone. Thanks to the global lockdown which has given many people the opportunity to use the internet more.

Coronavirus Lockdown Leads to Increased We Usage

With almost the entire world currently being lockdown at home the demand for web-based activities such as browsing, gaming and shopping has seen exponential growth, noted a March 20 Bloomberg report.  

Brave is not left out in the share for this increased web footage as its number of users increased by 1 million new users in the month of March alone.

What is Brave

In case you don’t know yet, Brave is a privacy-first, ad-blocking, attention-rewarding browser that pays you with its native cryptocurrency token –Basic Attention Token (BAT) to view optional, privacy-respecting ads while ensuring that your personal information stays only on your device.


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Brave was co-founded by the inventor of the popular JavaScript programming language, and a co-founder of Mozilla Firefox Browser –Brend Eich, in 2017.


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