YellA Offers a New Advertising and Promotional Method

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 25 Feb 2019

Why does the world need a new advertising and promotion model: The one YellA Agency offers?

The traditional marketing system is no longer as beneficial as before. One of the reasons for their failure is to do with the privacy issue. The traditional marketing platforms such as Facebook and Google are criticised for exporting people’s data, thus infringing their privacy.

The other problem is that centralised marketing system force ads on internet users. For example, Google is able to track what you are doing online and brings ads that are related to what you are doing.

Due to such inconveniences and lack of trust internet users are using different strategies to protect their privacy and to avoid annoying ads that also lead to huge data usage. Users are using ad blockers, which remove banners and any other form of tracking.

Other users are opting to using browsers that block unnecessary ads, such as Brave Browser. With ad blockers and browsers such as Brave Browser, ads are no longer reaching the intended targets.

What does YellA Offer?


YellA Agency helps promotional material reach the intended audience

YellA agency covers advertisers against the mistrust arising from the traditional marketing system. With YellA advertisers and promoters reach the targeted people worldwide.

YellA writers and publishers have databases of forums, websites and communities where they target people with particular interests. For example, they know where to get in touch with crypto traders and investors.

Apart from this, YellA agents and publishers are found worldwide. They speak and write different languages since they come from many countries. The worldwide network of YellA personnel allows any type of information to be spread fast and conveniently.

Unlike the traditional marketing that has been very expensive, YellA offers high quality of campaign material at very low cost.

Why is YellA different from other advertising agencies?

YellA is a decentralised marketing agency. Being decentralised means that the privacy and data of users cannot be exported. The system works only with smart contracts.

YellA has hundreds of writers, bloggers, social influencers and agents all around the world, who use various languages. With YellA the problem of language barriers is not there. We are talking, not of newbies in the industry, but experienced people, with a lot of experience in web promotion, copywriting, investment, entrepreneurship, start-ups and trading.

Since people come from various countries, with different time zones, it means coordination takes place 24 hours a day. Clients will not face delays.

YellA is poised to evolve with changes in technology, with a special interest in blockchain technology.

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