Why and How to Participate in Crypto Bounty Programs

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 14 Aug 2020

Why and how to participate in bounty campaigns

Bounty programs offer a new form of freelancing online. However, with bounty programs you are paid in cryptocurrency or tokens. This is one of the current gold rush on the internet.

Many people from developing world are involved in crypto bounty hunting and airdrops because it is a cheaper and easier way of starting earning cryptocurrency. This can also become a gateway to start an online business for new comers.

The good thing about bounty programs is that you do not need to be a techy. You can participate at any level because some of the tasks you do are very simple. You only need to have the ability to use a computer and the internet.

What is a crypto bounty?

A cryptocurrency bounty program involves an individual doing micro-tasks on the internet which are related to marketing or advertising a product or company, and get paid in return. You are paid in form of cryptocurrency or tokens.

One way to be involved is in social marketing of a company or its crypto product. You will be required to repost company’s articles on twitter, Facebook, instagram or any other social site. You can also post videos on your YouTube channel.

The bounty program can involve you joining the company and recruit people to join it. This is done through its referral system. You can also follow a company on Facebook or like its pages.

In some cases, you are required to join its social media platforms, especially telegram groups where you participate in the ongoing discussions.

As you can see, the aim is to promote a company or its products.  Other companies require you to write articles that advertise it and its products.

For all these you are paid a certain reward which is pegged in dollars or any other currency. Most of these bounty tasks take a few minutes to complete. Tasks like writing articles or identifying bugs are the ones that can be involving.

An individual can earn a good amount of money, if he/she is actively involved in these. One can surpass the US$1 000 mark per year. From there one can invest in more meaningful income projects.

Never underestimate the impact that bounty programs can have on your finances, considering that you spend very limited time doing these.


Word of caution

The main downside of bounty programs is the existence of scams on the internet. To avoid scamming, you need to get your bounty tasks from renowned platforms such as Bounty0X or BountyHunters.

All having been said, bounty hunting can be a good source of income for you if you are still new to the cryptocurrency business.

If you want to know how to write a bounty article, read the article: How to Write a Bounty Article.


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