How to make the best of bounty campaign articles

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 29 Mar 2019

In the previous days, I had been writing about bounty campaign articles. This generated a lot of interest as people wanted to be involved. By the way, if you have not yet read my articles on bounty campaign programs here is one of the articles, Writing a bounty campaign article.

  However, one problem was raised by the readers.

Some writers/bloggers complained that some of the bounty campaigns are scams. Yes, I do agree with such sentiments. Just like many other business opportunities we do face challenges. The most important thing to do is to find how to mitigate the challenges.

I will point out two ways in which you can mitigate the challenges we face in bounty hunting, particularly dealing with article campaigns.

The first way to deal with bounty campaigns is to join reputable websites that publish them. It is not a matter of getting online and search for bounty programs. Some sites publish fake programs.

Let me give you just two platforms to look for bounty programs. The first reputable site is Bounty0X

Another reputable site is BountyHunters

The second way to always benefit is to post your bounty campaign articles on reputable blogging sites where you get paid for writing. Examples of reputable blogging sites where you get paid for posting your articles are Publish0X, Steemit and Trybe.
If you post your bounty campaign articles on these sites, even if you are not paid by the bounty owners, you still earn from the blogging site. So, you are always a winner.

Posting your bounty campaign articles on reputable blogging sites that pay, is like creating insurance for your articles.

You can find more of these reputable sites where you earn for posting your articles on the following post, Blogging Sites that pay.

If you use these two strategies then you become a winner no matter what.

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