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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 15 Mar 2021

Trading is a risky venture as many people lose their income. During your daily surfing on the internet you come across many advertisements promising you to earn a lot from trading. Yes, it is true that trading pays quite good, but on only one condition. What’s the condition?

You should have ample knowledge and experience in trading. Sadly, many people lose much money trying to learn how to trade. But, do you know that you can learn trading on your own online and earn your way up. True. Let me introduce you to a platform where you can learn about trading.

It’s NewsCrypto- the best platform online where you learn how to trade, without anyone’s direct help. However, you receive a lot of support from the community. I learnt trading on my own at NewsCrypto and now I am an experienced trader, making it big in this lucrative area.

What is NewsCrypto? It is the best platform that provides people with all the knowledge they need to have in the crypto space to become successful traders. It has simplified training material on how to trade. It also offers a wide range of news from the crypto space- predictions and performance of major cryptocurrencies.

NewsCrypto’s mission is to develop a global ecosystem, with all the information and tools that traders at different levels benefit from. When you are at the platform, you select the level you want to operate a - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. The material you get relates to the level of knowledge you already have.


As you can see, you simply click on the level you want to start with.  I started on the Beginner’s level and now am on the intermediate level, learning the tips and tricks as I proceeded.

Apart from the articles and videos you access about trading, you also access trading tools commensurate with the level you are operating at. This ensures that novices are not overwhelmed by too much information, yet that experienced traders do not concentrate at simplified information.

The tools that, you come across, also depends on the level you have chosen. There are analytical tools such as charts of different types.

Tools for beginners

If you are a beginner, you get the following tools:



Intermediate level

At the intermediate level, you have the following tools, among others:


Advanced Level

At the advanced level you have the following tools:



Trading simulators: If you are a beginner, you have the opportunity to do social trading or simulation. The platform has a very easy to use trading simulator. This is the one I used in order to acquire the right trading knowledge and skills.




The simulator interface is very easy to use. You do exactly what you should do in a real trading experience.

Working with a trading simulator enables you to interpret charts of different nature. In fact, this is a chance for you to put in practice what you learn from the articles.

Earning opportunity

As you learn how to trade you also have an opportunity to earn real tokens, the NWC. By completing simple tasks such as predicting the price of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and ETH, you earn their token.

NewsCrypto is a top site for people to learn trading, all for free.  Now that, you have the knowledge on trading, how shall you start the trading journey? I started my real-life trading experience for free, by using Morpher

What is Morpher?

Morpher is a real trading platform, with similar functions as those you learn at NewsCrypto. This site gives every new user a free airdrop, to start their trading journey. You get airdrop in form of their token, MPH. When you join, you get an airdrop worth US$6, which is 100 MPH.

From the day you get this airdrop you are a trader. It is time to exercise your knowledge and experience, gained at NewsCrypto. The good thing is that you can increase your airdrop by referring other people. You get an airdrop worth $3, which is 50 MPH when you refer a single person. Imagine you recruit 10 people: you push forward your trading experience to a greater height.

What’s the end result?

Over the past three months, I traded at Morpher, I have raised $90. Remember, this has been a learning experienced. I had to lose some of my trades, especially when I made the mistake of using leveraging.

Now, I have the courage to proceed trading at any platform.

Get more details at: Morpher







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