How to write a good bounty campaign article?

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 26 Mar 2019

There has been an increase in the number of writers who are venturing into bounty campaigns. Most often writers and bloggers choose on article writing bounty campaign. This is also my favourite way to earn cryptocurrency online.

The good thing is that I can combine this very well with other forms of writing. Bounty campaign articles fit very well on crypto blogging sites such as Steemit. However, over doing that will not be good for one’s readers. A mixture of articles will do well.

However, if you are a bounty hunter, you will not get broke on ideas to write about. And you stand a chance to earn from two sources, Steemit and the bounty.

However, many writers have no experience in how to write bounty articles. Although I am giving these guidelines, I wish we will have other people’s contribution in the comment section. If anyone of you has knowledge on writing articles for bounty campaigns, I implore you to add more insight.

Writing a bounty campaign article

The article should answer a few questions.  For example, it should address the following questions in simplified form:

What is the scope of the crypto project?

What is the main problem which the project will solve?

How is the project going to solve that problem?

How will the project work? What is its business model? What features does it have?

NB: the above three questions are interrelated and should be covered jointly.

How is the project unique?

What are its main blockchain advantages?

How are the users and community going to be rewarded?

What is the nature of the tokens and how are they going to be distributed?


If you clearly answer the above questions in your bounty article you would have done well.

Now let us look at some of the points, one by one. We will focus only on the main ones.


What is the main problem which the project will solve?

The question is asking about the problem that the project will solve. In this section explain the problem that the industry is facing. This problem is usually written down in the whitepaper. The problem should be pressing and current.

How is the project going to solve the problem?

In this section explain the solution to the problem that has been stated in the whitepaper. You should outline how the company’s products and services going to solve the problem. Also, explain the unique features of the organisation that enable it to solve the problem. Remember, you are not creating your answers, you are writing what the company says it will do.

How will the project work?

In this section give details of the strategies and tactics that are going to be used to solve the problem. You can include the unique features of the project as well. You have to explain how this crypto project is different from its competitors. This is the unique selling point of the bounty campaign.


What are its main blockchain advantages?

You need to be clear on the crypto advantages of the project. How is the company different from other existing ones in the industry? Look for unique angles in which the company operates. This is important for investors and users. They want to know why they should choose this particular project from a dozen they already know. Ensure you offer a simple, practical explanation.


How are the users and community going to be rewarded?

Various sections of the community want to know how they benefit. Remember, naturally, human beings are selfish. They want to know how they will benefit. They only partake in something they know the benefits clearly. So, clarify the benefits for the users and investors. The organisation that hires you to write the article is selling its products and organisation. Only when you clearly articulate the benefit side, does your article has value to them.

Nature of tokens and its distribution

This section does not have a lot. All that you need to do is to put in the statistics. How many tokens where created? How many will be used in the pre-sale period? What about private and public sales? How much will the organisation retain? You need also to put time frames. When will the presale period? When will there be the public sale of tokens?


Team information

You may need to include the team of experts running the project. Who are the people involved? Show how the team presents a competitive advantage to the project in comparison with competitors.

Sources of information for the article

The main sources of information are the website and the whitepaper. Take your time to analyse these. You do not need much outside information. Also remember, to include the website in your article as well as the link to the whitepaper. You should also put the official logo of the organisation holding the bounty campaign.

You can get more information on how to understand the whitepaper here, Understanding the whitepaper.

Get a sample of the bounty campaign article here, Coincasso Cryptocurrency exchange.

If you want to kick-start writing bounty campaign you can visit  Bounty0X.

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