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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 25 Mar 2019


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The emergence of cryptocurrency has led to the development of cryptocurrency exchanges. Some exchanges are decentralised and others are centralised.  Today, we talk of a unique crypto exchange which is partially centralised. This crypto exchange is Coincasso.



This is a partially decentralised crypto exchange that offers two main services which are, however, interrelated. It offers the exchange as well as ATM’s network. This is an Estonian licensed exchange, which has the ambition to be a big global crypto player.

Why is Coincasso important?

Coincasso has been created to cover a big gap that exists in the crypto world. Firstly, cryptocurrency came into existence to be an alternative to the banking system, which is centralised. The banking system’s main problem is that of high service costs and administrative delays. Also, banks have become heavily politicised in many countries. This is because of excessive government interference. Cryptocurrencies solve both problems since they do not involve a controlling authority. Apart from that, transactions in cryptocurrency are transparent.

The existing crypto exchanges, on the other hand, do not have closer cooperation with the users, thus fail to meet their needs. They also fail to address the developmental needs of the crypto industry. The developmental needs can only be met by fully involving the customers. Fully centralised crypto exchanges offer a lot of restrictions on transactions. For example, some crypto exchanges decide to approve some projects and disapprove others without consulting the users. Usually, they end up rejecting some projects that customers want.

Worse still, most exchanges do not reward the users of their platforms. They pocket all the profits from the business.

How Coincasso solve the above problems?

Coincasso aims to give the crypto community the opportunity to make a number of vital decisions. The users should participate in decisions on the developmental goals of Coincasso, through voting. This ensures that the needs of the customers are addressed.

Apart from this, Coincasso aims to distribute 80% of its profits to users. This is important because the community gives the organisation the impetus to succeed in its aims and goals.

One outstanding feature of Coincasso is its democratic stance. It searches solution to its problems and needs through democratic processes. There is a high interface with its users. Above that, the users become co-owners of the project. Users who have some CCX tokens, which is its internal token will get a share of the profit and thus they are owners of the project as well.

Coincasso incorporates education in its system. This means that all development issues are communicated to all stakeholders. Education is a big tool of empowerment.

Coincasso Token

The internal token of Coincasso is called the CCX. It is an ERC-20 token based on the ethereum blockchain. The token will be on the exchange after the end of its sale. The token will become a regular token which is freely transferable, within the Coincasso platform without costs.


How will the CCX holder benefit?

The holders will be involved in decision making since they will have the right to vote. They will also receive large commissions on the referral program.

Token Distribution

A total of 100 million coins have been created.

Out of these 70 million tokens will be sold at the main sale.

Coincasso will keep a hold on 20 million tokens.

The pre-sale tokens will be 5% while marketing partners will get 3%.

The bounty program will get a 1% share.


As you have seen, Coincasso has a gap to fill in the market. It will be partially centralised and will be democratic in nature, empowering users to make developmental decisions. It will have a full exchange and an ATM-BTC. It will make use of various fiat currency, including PLN, USD, EUR and GBP.  Also it will distribute 80% of its profits to its users. Its coming into existence is a reality we are waiting for.




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