How to earn cryptocurrencies in 5 ways (Winza)?

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 1 Aug 2020


There are great opportunities to earn online. However, you have to choose the best way to earn. I like to earn from writing and investments. Today, I want to talk about one way to earn cryptocurrency.

It is great to deal with a platform that offers you several ways to earn. Winza is such an investment platform. I have worked there for a very long time and I earned substantially.

You may need to understand more as of what Winza is. It is an all-in-one platform where crypto lovers earn cryptocurrency. The main earning activities are online casino, crypto exchange and faucets.

As you can see, there is a multiple-stream of income. Of course, there is also the referral compensation. Now, let me look at each of them.


Members are involved in fair games which include Winza lottery, Dice Game, European Roulette, wheel of fortune and the original game – The last Man standing.

By playing these games you win many cryptos. To participate in these, you should invest. You will see the investment packages later.


Bankroll investment

To benefit the most at Winza, you have to invest.  If you do not have the initial money to invest then you have to do the following:

You collect money through the faucet system. You earn every hour. You stand a chance to earn up to US$100.

You can also earn from the highly productive referral system. Let me explain how this referral system works.

You earn multiple bonuses for your referrals.

You earn 0.5% commission from the earnings of your referral on casino games, betting and tickets. You also earn 0.2% from your referral’s deposits.

You earn 0.3% of your referral’s currency exchange. If your referral invests you earn 1.2% of his/her investment amount.

Above all, you earn 10% of the claims of your referral in the faucet. As you may know, most of your referrals shall be involved in the faucets. This is a definite way in which you earn every day.

As you can see you are a big winner in this platform.


Which cryptocurrency are used?

A variety of cryptocurrencies are involved including bitcoin, litecoin and doge coin. You pay and withdrawal through these cryptocurrencies as well as perfect money, Payeer, Master card and Visa card.

Investment amounts

There are minimum and maximum investment amounts, depending on the currency you are using. The following are the minimum deposits you can make:

  • BTC
  • 01 LTC
  • 100 doge

Your minimum investment in terms of United States dollars is $1.00


Minimum withdrawal

This platform is user friendly, as it allows you to withdraw small amounts of currency. The following are your minimum withdrawal amounts:

0.0002 BTC

0.03 LTC

1000 Doge coin

And US$1.



After earning through faucets you can reinvest your earnings thereby increasing your returns. As you can see, it is possible to build your business with little or no investment money.

Now take a tour of Winza.

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