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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 26 Jul 2020

World Token Profit is a company that brings people from all over the world together, making them able to earn passive income in several ways. They earn from multilevel marketing system, investment programs and trading in goods. It is also into real estate investment.

There are many tools for investment and making money on the platform. Of course, you can also earn from recruiting other members to join. We use the binary marketing system.

The company has its own blockchain, which makes it very easy to make transactions, without disruptions. Its crypto coin is called WEC and is now listed on a number of exchanges.

I will shortly discuss some of the major investments currently operating.

WTP Binar

This is an investment platform. You buy any packages you afford and earn a daily return which is between 0.6 % and 1% of your investment.

Coin Galaxy

This is our crypto exchange platform, where the various currencies are paired.

Crypto Accelerator

This is a platform for mining our cryptocurrency, WEC. The minimum investment is $30 and you earn between 50% and 300% per year.

Profit Bot, in telegram

This is where you invest a small sum of money. The minimum investment is $10. You are paid your profit per day. There is also an option for daily reinvestment.

Golden Ratio

This is a platform for trading in goods and services, like at Alibaba or Amazon.

NB: the referral compensation system allows you to earn from all these, if you refer someone. By the way you can participate in the referral system without having made any investment.

What is the best way forward now?

You can begin by taking part in anyone of the above platforms. However, the easiest way to start is the binary marketing system, where you refer people to the company. This gives you amble time to learn how the entire system works.

As soon as you join you will have your own referral links.

Once you have registered you can start building your team and start earning the cryptocurrency.

You can start right away because you shall not be asked for credit card or bank details, neither are you asked to pay anything.

Compensation system at World Token Profit

How can you earn money at World Token Profit?

There are two broad categories of earning money at WTP, which are:

  1. Investment
  2. Affiliate programs.

Types of income

You earn passive income through investments, while you earn active income through the marketing affiliate program.

The current, main investment platforms are:

  1. WTP Binar
  2. Crypto Accelerator
  3. Golden Ratio
  4. CoinGalaxy
  5. Profit Bot
  6. Puzzle market

You earn passive income from your investment portfolios through the interest you earn from the money you invest.

Currently, there are 12 investment packages, which ranges from $30 to $100 000. From these you get daily accruals of between 0.6% and 1.14%. Your profit is calculated in US$.  The amount should be invested for a period of between 255 and 350 days. However, you will be able to withdraw your profits daily.

Active income

You get active income from the people you recruit to join World Token Profit. This is based on the binary marketing system. As a result, you will receive a bonus from a deposit of your personally invited partner (referral).

You get 10% of the turnover of smaller team. A smaller team has a turnover of not more than US$8 000.

For the larger team, you get $3 500. A larger team has a turnover of US11 500 or more.

Direct affiliate compensation

You are paid up to 5 levels in depth in the following way:

You get 3% commission on the investment of your direct personal partner.

You get 1% commission for the investment of every level 2 partner.

You get 1% commission on the investment of every level 3 partner.

You get 1% commission on the investment of every level 4 partner.

You get 3% commission on the investment of every level 5 partner



This means that if you get 10 active direct partners you get a good monthly income. An active partner is the one who has invested in the company.

 As you can see, World Token Profit is a platform you invest your time, effort and money in. And in return the reward is good.

Now take a tour of World Token Profit


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