Elven coin, today and tomorrow- The Roadmap (#Elven Coin)

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 6 Jun 2021

We always want to keep our members updated on the progress that we make. Therefore, make it your aim to visit this platform from time to time. In fact this shall be a premiere information centre.

This article follows very interesting developments on Elven coin. It is our hope, therefore, to share our joys and hopes.

Background information

By now you know what the Elven coin is all about. It is a token built on the Tron blockchain- dubbed the sleeping lion.

Whereas TRON is the sleeping lion. Elven, its product is another sleeping giant. Why do we say so?

It is simple, Elven coin is backed by products and services. This is unlike other cryptocurrency, not even the number one crypto - BTC.


The Elven coin project has made many strides in the recent days:

  1. Existing on Justswap: The mere fact that the Elven coin is now on Justswap is an achievement.
  2. Reaching the million market cap value- Very few coins attain the million market cap in a short time, the way the Elven coin has done that. The reason for this is that the people who know about Elven coin trust in it.
  3. Growing community: The Elven community is growing on a steady rate. We are very proud about that.

What’s ahead of us as we speak?

Many people want to know the future of the Elven coin. We shall discuss, a few important steps before us.

  1. Exchange listing: We are working hard for the Elven coin to be listed on other exchanges. Once the Elven coin is on three or four exchanges, its value will rise significantly because of an increase in liquidity.
  2. Own Exchange: We are working hard to have our own exchange. This is because we do not want to rely on other exchanges which may create new terms and conditions.
  3. Use of Elven Coin in all our platforms: This is another very important step. Soon the Elven coin will be used to buy pixels in ElvenLand. People will also earn rewards in Elven coin in our social media platform,
  4. Partnerships: We are finalizing negotiations with various partners in order to prop up the value of our “loved Elven Coin.” We will announce them as soon as the negotiations are finalized.

Although these are the urgent steps we will take, there are many more to come.

How can you participate?

This is a question which many people often ask me. Here are the ways you can participate:

Ambassador program: Become our ambassador and earn a monthly pay out.

Content creator: Join our content creation team and earn handsomely for your contributions.

Community managers: You can become a community manager and also earn monthly. Our terms and conditions are simple. Just have 200 members in a group, name it after Elven coin, and then earn a monthly income.

Groups at PozitUrbo: Create groups at, our social media platform and earn some Elven coins every month.

Liquidity provision: Provide some liquidity in the Elven/TRX pair and earn a portion of the transaction fee.


Let the truth be said: Elven Coin Project is offering huge rewards to participating members, up to $500 per month. Imagine earning monthly for retweeting posts, reposting on Facebook, create a simple video or meme.

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How to participate?

This is another very reasonable question. Anyway, it’s not difficult to participate. Join any of our social media platforms, then chat with one of the administrators.

We stand to receive you with open arms:



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