I can help to learn how to trade for free. This is for those with interest in crypto trading.

Earning from trading

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 5 Apr 2021

Among, many ways of earning online, trading is one of the most paying one. However, you can also lose as much money as possible. If you want to venture into trading, you first need to learn much.

However, no one should frighten you about trading because I also started from scratch and I am now earning remarkably. All that you need to do is learning, learning and learning.

How to overcome your trading phobia

The truth is that many people are scared of trading. The common notion is that you lose thousands from trading. Yes, this may be true. Failure is part of life, especially if you are not well-prepared. Imagine a soldier going into war without ammunitions. Do you think he/she can win the battle?

We can say the same about trading. Now, you have to overcome the trading phobia. This article outlines a few steps you need to take to start simple trading.


If you aspire to be a successful trader, embark on a learning journey. Not necessarily to pay huge sums of money to people who claim to be specialists to train you. You can learn on your own.

Here is how I learnt about trading. I researched on the internet for good resource sites. Then I read the material I found there. One of the greatest sites that helped me is NewsCrypto. It has practical information about trading strategies. It is designed for beginners as well.


As soon as you start to learn how to trade, engage in real trading. Of course, you can pursue social trading first. Social trading is practicing trading without using real money. There are many social trading sites. Newscrypto has also a good trading simulator.

But, the point is get into the real battle. Trade. I started trading within my first month of learning about trading. I joined Morpher trading site. When you join Morpher, it gives you $6 to start trading. Yes, only $6. But you can learn all the trading strategies through practice.

From there I started buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. I followed the basic principle: buy low sell high. What does this means? It means that if you buy a specific cryptocurrency at $5, sell it when it is about $6, if the platform does not charge trading fees.

Interestingly, Morpher does not charge any trading fees. The good thing about Morpher is that you can increase your earnings by inviting people to join this platform. When you invite a person to Morpher, you earn $3.00. You got me right, $3.

If you go and register at Morpher right now, I will earn $3.00. At the same time, you earn $6.00. This is a once-off payment. Thereafter, you can invite other people to join your team.

Way forward

My point here is simple. Trading pays good money. Do not be afraid to start trading. That is why people talk about risk. The riskier an investment is the more you earn. However, Morpher and NewsCrypto give you the chance to start trading with $0. That is what I did.


Once, you get more experience you choose, any other trading site you want to use. Are you still afraid of trading? Here is my offer for you.

Join Morpher now

Then join: NewsCrypto

After you join it, join my trading group on telegram. I will give you simple trading tips to make you start your trading journey today. This is only for beginners.

Join my telegram group: Telegram Trading Group 

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