Bountiful Bounty at Atlas Rising

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 14 Aug 2020


There is good news for all you cryptocurrency bounty hunters. Atlas Rising has a bountiful bounty. It is in different forms as follows:

Telegram participation

Facebook participation

Twitter campaigns

Article writing campaigns


Definitely, you will get something for yourself. The good thing about bounty campaigns is that they are win for all. There is no competition. Once you participate you get paid.

I am very interested in article campaigns, so I will supply you with additional information to get it right. I have written an article that can help you to get started very soon. By reading my article, you also get a general lay out of how you bounty article should be like.

You will find my article at the end, under source of information.


How do you get involved in the bounty campaign?


It is so simple, follow the steps:


Register at Atlas Rising


Register at bounty 0X, because that is where you submit your campaign proofs.


While at Bounty0X, go to the explore section, which looks as follows:



From there, click on the type of bounty category to participate in.

Let me give you a brief introduction of what Atlas Rising is. Atlas Rising is an American company, based in Dallas Texas. It is an investment company involved in cryptocurrency and solar farming.

The company invests in many different cryptocurrency. It is involved in established cryptocurrency and emerging ones that has high growth opportunities. So, if you invest in it you have invested in multiple of assets.

One of the feature I like about Atlas Rising is that it pays its investors in ETH or Bitcoin rewards. It has also its cryptocurrency called Rising.

The business model hinges on the use of a vault and solar farming. The company buys various cryptocurrency and lock them in a vault, promoting the value of its currency, Rising to increase dramatically and remain stable.

The solar farm is used to generate electricity to mine various cryptocurrency. This increases its profit level as the cost of doing business becomes very low.

The major aim of Atlas Rising is to involve as many members of the public as possible. As a result, it does not have an ICO. Its minimum investment amount is also very low, only $85. This affords many people to invest in it.

Benefits for its users.


If you participate in its bounty campaign, you become one of its users. So how will you benefit?

You will benefit in the following ways:

It has a very bountiful referral compensation system. When you join before the bounty campaign you will earn 5% life bonus. This is great.

The rewards are paid in ETH or bitcoin.

When you invest, you would have invested in a diversified portfolio. This means the investment risk is very low.

You get a share from the profits of its solar farm.


As you can see, do not only be interested in its bounty campaign but to be a lifelong participant and change your financial fortunes.

Tour its website now: Atlas Rising

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