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Best investment destination for 2020- Atlas Rising (Cryptocurrency & Green mining)

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 11 Aug 2020



There are so many organisations that have delved into cryptocurrency and the blockchain. The companies do so to give solutions to pertinent problems facing human beings and the environment. Atlas Rising is one such company that is focused on conserving the environment through use of renewable energy and investment in cryptocurrency. However, there is something unique about this company. But, why is it so unique?


What is Atlas Rising?

To find out how unique Atlas Rising is, let us come to understand Atlas Rising. Atlas Rising is based in Dallas, Texas in United States of America. It is involved in cryptocurrency and investment in solar system to generate electricity. Its main focus is to generate electricity to power the mining of cryptocurrency.

Its asset based is composed of physical assets such as solar plants and solar panels as well as cryptocurrency. It invests in renowned cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and ethereum. It also invests in emerging cryptocurrency that has a great potential for growth and scalability.

The company shall be backed by investment from the public. Its investment terms and packages allow the public from a diverse background to invest. For example, its minimum investment amount is US$85. Many people can afford it.

As you can see, Atlas Rising operates along the lines of a mutual fund. The contributions of investment funds by a large customer base enables it to invest in various crypto projects and generation of electricity.


Aims of Atlas Rising

Atlas Rising has got a number of aims. The overarching aim is to reduce the use of electricity in mining cryptocurrency that is generated from non-renewable source of energy. Instead, the mining of cryptocurrency shall be powered by solar energy.

The reason for this is to protect the environment and creating sustainability in the cryptocurrency industry.

The second aim of Atlas Rising is to spread the risk of investment on the part of its investors. This is achieved by including various types of cryptocurrency and assets in its investment portfolio. Its asset based is a diversity of cryptocurrency, solar panels (it produces) and solar generation farms.

The other objective is to create trust with the public by helping them to invest in low risk investment. The public should have confidence in investing in the company, since it is asset backed. The value of its coin, the Rising shall be stable due to the diversified asset base of the company.

Another object for the company is to enable people from all walks of life to invest in the company. In this regard, the company has not been interested in initial coin offerings, as it wants to pool funds from many people rather than from a few rich investors.

Business Model

One unique aspect of Atlas Rising is its unique business model.  First, the investment funds is distributed among many mainstream cryptocurrency, masternodes and some physical assets. Some major investment activities on the part of the public include crypto trading, staking and mining of coins.

Instead of the company to hire mining servers, it shall have its own hardware at its premises. This reduces or eliminate monthly expenditure related to mining of the cryptocurrency.

The company relies on green mining. This means that it will use sustainable energy (solar energy) for mining cryptocurrency.

One competitive advantage of Atlas Rising is the use of a crypto vault. With this system, it will acquire cryptocurrency of different value and lock them in its vault. As a result, it will reward its investors using ETH or BTC, leading to a massive support from the public.

When the assets are locked in the vault, as their volume increases and their value rises, the value of the Rising will increase significantly. The value will also remain steady over a long period of time, if not for the unforeseeable future.

Usually, small investors invest in a single cryptocurrency and stand a chance to lose their investments, should its value tumbles. However, since the vault is diversified, the risk of the investment is very low.

Due to a diversified portfolio, the reward for investment will also be spread among the assets held up.

The company has also assigned a larger proportion of its budget to marketing and promotion. This is done in order to reach out as many members of the public, world-wide as possible.

Road map

  • The company shall follow a predefined road map.Evaluation
  • R&D
  • White Paper
  • Mint Tokens
  • Team foundation
  • Department Creation
  • Design and create software
  • Server deployment
  • Website
  • Admin and Back office
  • Establish payment gateway
  • Set up asset management system
  • Create wallets for vault
  • Add miners
  • Add Master Nodes
  • Add Staking
  • Add Crypto
  • Build solar arrays

Other priorities

  • The company will establish a solar farm. With time, it will continue to increase the number of solar farms.
  • The first $4 million shall be invested in assets.
  • The company shall pay up to 90% of solar mining as bonuses to the investors.
  • As soon as 500 000 000 Risings are sold, the company shall list it on the crypto exchange.

Problems that Atlas Rising is solving

One of the main problem which Atlas Rising solves is that of lack of knowledge of investments opportunities by the crypto public. In normal cases, a potential investor faces tough decisions on what cryptocurrency to invest in.

 They lack information as to the best opportunities available in the market. They lack knowledge on how to carry out effective research on the best existing opportunities. They may also have limited knowledge of where they can get reliable and trustworthy information.

Even when members of the public want to carry out researches, that may be time consuming and costly.

The other problem which Atlas Rising is solving is the use of excessive electricity from non-renewable sources. Currently, a lot of cryptocurrency mining is done using electricity generated from fossil fuel such as coal.

Such source of energy is damaging to the environment, apart from the exhaustion of the resources used in its generation. We can witness the depletion of non-renewable resources used for generation of electricity such as uranium, coal and crude oil deposits.


There is also a problem of dilution of investment in many organisations. In some cases, the development teams take a larger investment stake than the public.

Solutions to the problems

  • The problem discussed above require sustainable solutions.
  • For the problem of dilution, the development team does not have a large stake in the investment portfolio. The development team shall only have a 5% of the tokens, which shall be used to cover governance expenses.
  • Atlas Rising shall gather information of most investment opportunities in the crypto world. It will evaluate, monitor and assess major and emerging cryptocurrency. The public will only need to invest, knowing that its investment has low risk.

Atlas Rising Team

Atlas Rising has depth in its team. People with various skills, expertise and capacity are involved in the development of the Atlas Rising project. The team is composed of entrepreneurs, blockchain and cryptocurrency experts.

These guys have a lot of experience in software tools used to analyse cryptocurrency trends. They also have the expertise to analyse, evaluate and monitor developments in the crypto world. Here is a short summary of some of the team members:

David Stanton (United States of America)

The founder and Chief Executive officer (CEO) at Atlas Rising. David is an experienced blockchain miner who is able to identify and analyse the most productive cryptocurrency at any period of time.

Marcus Millstrom (Netherlands)

Marcus is a co-founder of Atlas Rising. He is very experienced in sales management. Apart from that, he has many years in the cryptocurrency industry.

Nicolas Vincent (France)

He is the CPO at Atlas Rising, with a lot of experience in team and strategic management. He has also acquired a lot of experience in mining and masternodes.

Jordan Smith (United States of America)

Jordan is such other very experienced and dedicated team member. He is a social media manager, majoring in advertising and public relations in his professional studies.

King Nectuluh (Netherlands

Kind has a lot of experience and knowledge in sales management and cryptocurrency.

John Baker (United States of America)

He has a lot of knowledge in legal issues, since he has professional knowledge and experience in law.

Competitive advantage

The following are the main competitive advantages of Atlas Rising:

  • The company has a team with diversified competency and background.
  • The firm uses diverse cryptocurrency.
  • It has great support and trust of the public.

Outstanding features of Atlas Rising

The main features of Atlas Rising have been discussed before. Here are some of them:

  • Rewards can be issued in ETH or bitcoins, which motivates the public to make investments.
  • The company has a large asset base. Some of the cryptocurrency are locked in a vault, impacting positively on the value of the Rising.
  • The revenue that is generated from solar system investment is distributed to its investors.


Benefits to users and members

The members of Atlas Rising benefit in many ways.

  • The company has a great referral system, which drives high participation of the public. For example, if a member is registered on the site, he/she will get a 5% life bonus.
  • 30% of profit from solar farm is distributed as rewards to the investors.
  • Every member invests in many cryptocurrency, all at once, even without his/her knowledge.
  • There is very low risk on investment as a result of its huge asset base.
  • Rewards are paid in ETH, which is a very strong cryptocurrency.


With this comprehensive analysis of Atlas Rising’s aims, business model, solutions to existing problems in the crypto industry, team, competitive advantage and benefits of members, the point is clear: Atlas rising is an investment destination for any sensible individual.

Take a tour of Atlas Rising now.















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