An increase in adoption of Ecoin

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 12 Feb 2021

I hope you have heard of Ecoin before. If not, follow through as I explain to you.

But my first point is that Ecoin is listed on ProBit exchange. More importantly, Ecoin has close to 5 million users.  


You can see from this screenshot, the number of Ecoin Users: 4 906 295, to be exact.

You can find the performance of ecoin on CoinMarketCap.



This information confirms that ecoin is listed and you can sell it at any time you want.


Why should you know about Ecoin? And Why am I telling you all this?

The reason is simple: you can earn this coin for free. Yes, you heard me right. Completely free and in sizable quantities.

If you sign up with Ecoin, you earn 200 coins, there and then, with no strings attached. The only single condition is that you use a Gmail email account. At the same time, you get 25 tickets. Each ticket entitles you to a chance to win 10 000 coins.

Other free ways to earn it

Apart from your sign up bonus, you also earn when you invite other people to join Ecoin using your personal link. Per every person who joins under you, you get 200 ecoins and 25 tickets.

Other features

Here are some interesting things you need to know:

You earn interest on your free earnings. What you simply do is to put your coins in your saving account. The interest accrues every month, direct into your account.

You can transfer your coins to anyone instantly without any charge.

You can withdraw you ecoins to any EOS wallet of your choice.


Is the value of ecoin insignificant?

The balls is in your hands. What do you think? Personally, I feel that these coins are worthwhile, considering that you earn them for free. And that you can earn them in large quantities through various ways.

The good thing with cryptocurrencies is that their values increase with time. Interestingly, Ecoin strategy is based on the network effect. The value of the coin increases as many people earn and use it.

Do you still believe that it is worthless to earn ecoins for free? The choice is yours. If you want to join you find the link at the end of this article.

Before I “hang off,” I have one thing to tell you. You can also earn a valuable cryptocurrency for free in large quantities as well. In fact everyone is free to earn the Pi token. For details how you can do it read this article:

But now, join ecoin: Ecoin Platform.



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