An alternative to Demo Trading for New Users and those who want to hone their trading Skills

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 21 Apr 2023

There is no doubt that trading is one of the main ways in which people earn money online. The good thing is that one can do trading while earning from other ways such as being creators, video creators, article writers or NFT creators. However, the greatest challenge which new traders face is learning how to trade.

Many people are advised to learn through demo trading which is a very good way. However, I was never someone who was willing to use demo trading. That did not give me the motivation to learn trading until I came across Morpher, a trading platform for cryptocurrencies, forex and commodities.

In this case, you trade using real cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, you do not use your own funds to start trading. You use Morpher’s referral system to get its native token MPH, you can use for trading. In this case, you are trading in a real sense. If you refer three friends you generate enough MPH token to start trading on the platform. From there you keep on looking for new people to join this trading platform.

This should sound good for those who want to learn trading forex and cryptocurrency. Remember, trading is not as frightening as people want to make others believe. The basic rule is to buy low and sell high. This simply means that when you buy a cryptocurrency you should sell it at a value higher than the one you paid to acquire it.

Yes, with time you will learn the various technical aspects required to understand the trading process better. But it is easier to learn the basic trading system while you practice it. And Morpher gives every one a chance to do so.

However, Morpher is not just there for beginners. If you are a seasoned trader who wants to experiment with different trading strategies then you can join Morpher. You will hone your trading skills without pressure of losing your cash. I found this to be worthwhile.

Other trading platforms

Morpher is not the only trading platform that allows you to earn cryptocurrencies. There are other trading platforms like Binance and which allow people to earn cryptocurrencies from inviting others. Binance enables you to earn cryptocurrencies in various ways. You earn for verifying your account and taking crypto lessons. This should generate cryptocurrencies for you. You can use that to trade with.

Even if you are a novice you can start trading with as little as $20 worth of cryptocurrencies. All you need to do is to take your time and avoid trading under pressure. There is one encouraging fact about crypto trading. You do not make a loss unless you sell your tokens. Even when the price is falling hold onto the cryptocurrency, do not sell it: wait until the value rises above the buying price. Only greed people tend to lose much when trading cryptocurrencies.


This article should have given you the reason to start trading without using your funds. Just join Morpher, and Binance referral programs and you have a starting point.

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