10 Ways to monetise your presence on the internet (Online)

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 11 Aug 2020



Many people are interested in earning an income online. Maybe you are also interested in doing that. If you want to earn an income while on the internet, today I discuss 10 ways you can achieve that.

At person who is on the internet may be involved in different activities. Usually someone on the internet may be surfing for information or reading news.

Either way, the good news is that you can earn something every hour or minute you are online. You can earn through Presearch and Brave Browser.


You use Presearch to earn a cryptocurrency called PRE, by carrying out researches using Presearch search engine. You need to create an account at Presearch and install the Presearch extension on your browser.

For every search you do online using the Presearch search engine, you earn their cryptocurrency. You will be able to withdraw at least 1000 PRE.

How is that? A very simple way of earning while you are carrying your researches on the internet. Apart from using Presearch on your computer, you can also use it on your Tablet or Android.


Brave Browser

You can also earn cryptocurrency by using the Brave Browser. You are paid in a token called BAT. You need to install Brave Browser to your gadget. It works on both your computer and smart phone.

How do you earn?  You do not just earn by opening the browser. However, when you are using Brave, you will be paid for paying attention to the Ads that it posts. Usually, you find pop-ups, which are the advertisements you should watch.

Once a pop-up shows, click it and it opens on another web page. By simply viewing the Ads you earn. You can also earn if you are a content creator. You have to put a Brave plugin on your website.

Apart from earning cryptocurrency, Brave browser has other advantages. It blocks other Ads that usually pop-up. This reduces your browsing data usage.


 By blocking the Ads, your browsing becomes faster as compared when using other browsers, such as Chrome.

Brave also blocks all Ad trackers. Ad trackers are usually used by some advertisers who want to track the sites that you visit.

The best news

The best news is that you can use both Presearch and Brave at the same time. Remember, Presearch is a search engine which you can install on the Brave browser.

So when you are on the internet you earn simultaneously from Brave and Presearch. Both Brave and Presearch can be used on your computer and smart phone.

All that you have to do now is to open accounts on Presearch and Brave Browser and download the applications. Within a minute you will be earning from these two twin applications.

Others related sites you can earn from

As this is not enough, there are many sites you can earn from while online. For instance you earn from Winza by playing games and lottery.

From GrabTC you earn bitcoins by participating in surveys, playing games and micro-jobs.

You use the WOWAPP for earning cryptocurrency while chatting with family and friends.

From OmniBazaar, you earn cryptocurrency for buying and selling goods

You earn at StreamYard for creating videos and lives streams. All for free.

At World Token Profit, you earn guaranteed profit up to 40 000%. This is a worthy investment destination.

At Markethive, you earn cryptocurrency for advertising your business for free.

While at Publish 0X you earn cryptocurrency for blogging. Make your mind known while you earn.

As you can see, whatever you do on the internet, there is an opportunity to make money. That is why the internet is called a Gold Field.

If you find this worthwhile, you can get much more information on MoneyScope.



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