Steemit Signup Process Review
Steemit Signup Process Review

By Ronnie10 | CryptoSlice | 12 Mar 2020

I have enjoyed the short time that I have been here. It's fun being a part of an interactive community. So, I have decided to join Steemit.

My opinion so far?

The below image simplifies it.



So, this post is to review the sign up process to Steemit now.

Three days ago, I have submitted my information to sign up for Steemit. I am not sure whether it is rejected or approved. But, no reply from them yet. Of course, I have not selected the instant access. I decided to go ahead with the free sign up. I am not in a hurry, I am fine with the 2 days queue.

But, today I have decided to look that up and try to see what other people are saying in terms of waiting time. I have done a small search on the internet here and there. I was really surprised that other people have been waiting for weeks to get their accounts approved. There were others who have referred some of their friends to the network and they never been approved. I am not speaking from my own experience here but, it is disappointing to see these issues when you sign up.

I know that the aim is to have only real people signing up and no bots in the website. But, why is there no reply from Steemit on the application process?

You might have heard the latest news about Tron buying Steemit. So, we are not yet sure what will be changed if there are going to be any changes to Steemit.

Difference Between Free & Paid Sign Up

Let's start with the free signup. There is a different process when you are submitting an application for free. Of course, I have elaborated above on the waiting time. In addition, you would have to submit your email ID. Once, you are done with that, you are going to receive an email with a link where you need to provide your mobile number. You will receive an SMS on your mobile and you have to write the code that you receive on the website. Then, you would have to wait for the review to happen in order to get your application approved.

Moving on to the paid signup. The advantage with this signup is going to be that you remain anonymous. In other words, you are not asked for an email or a mobile number. All you have to do is to pay the network a small fee to get access. A point that is worth mentioning is that there are too many options for payments to choose from. So, you can just choose what do you feel more comfortable with.


To summarize, it feels like Steemit is trying to push for the paid signup. I have been reading a while back about successful bloggers who have made a fortune by adding a paid signup to their blogs. But, this is my opinion, I am not saying that the aim behind this is to generate more money or just to filter bots from their system.


DisclaimerThis is a personal opinion and I have not reviewed the whole Steemit network. I am just writing about my experience with the signup. There are good and bad reviews about Steemit out there. Please, do your own research before taking your decision and I am not responsible for the outcomes of your decisions nor the comments posted below. This post should be viewed for entertainment purposes only.


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