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By Ronnie10 | CryptoSlice | 1 Feb 2020

Today, I am going to share with you two of the best website, where you can get free images for your posts in Publish0x. This works as well for those who have personal websites/blogs.


Table of Contents:

1. Why not just go with Google Images?

2. PixaBay.

3. Pexels

4. Paid Alternatives


1. Why not just go with Google Images?


Well, if you are a blogger or a website owner. You must have been struggling to make sure that you do not get penalized for any content that is being published on your website.

Posting a content that you don't own might as well put you in a risk of getting your website/blog to be closed and you might be fined with an amount that could reach to $1,000 for each image violating the copyrights law.

1.1 Only publishing on

Well, if you publish a content that you do not own. You might get your account banned and all the amount of Crypto that you have here might be withdrawn back by the website.


2. PixaBay

The solution for the above problem have been solved with websites like PixaBay. The photographers who post of PixaBay authorize anyone to share their images without having to buy the image.



3. Pexels

Although, my first choice is PixaBay. But, sometimes I do not find what I am looking for there. That is why, I go for Pexels website. The website works the same way as PixaBay and it has a lot of great photos.



4. Paid Alternatives

Well, if you still have not found the perfect image for your post. You might need to go for a paid service where you pay for the image that you want to share on your website/blog.

Some of the my favourite paid websites:

1. ShutterStock.

2. Envato.


Let me know where do you look for images for your posts in the comment section below.

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