Earn Bitcoin + Ethereum in 60 seconds!

Earn Bitcoin + Ethereum in 60 seconds!

By Ronnie10 | CryptoSlice | 14 Jun 2020

I have recently came across this game. Which I wouldn't say a fun game. But, it is an easy one. You have the opportunity to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin and RollerCoin.

0.1 What is RollerCoin?

It is a game where you can earn cryptocurrency from it. Your character is a crypto miner. You are free to play for 60 seconds a day or more (that's if you want to continuously keep the miner working 24/7). There are few sections in this game that I will explain in details below:

- Your Home.
- The Shop.
- Games.
- Wallet.

0.2 Your Home.

In this section you can see your mining power (just like the concept of POW). As you know the more power you have the more mining returns you are going to get. You can also see the "Block Reward" which is the reward you'll get for each block mined. Again this depends on the mining power you have. Plus, you can see your room where your avatar is mining crypto.

Note: The game automatically assumes that you want to earn in Bitcoin. You can change that by clicking on the drop-down menu button next to "My Power". Then click on "Split Power" button. You can choose which percentage to earn in which cryptocurrency. Or just set it to 100% to your preferred currency.

Note: You can buy a second room for 20 RLT (RollerCoin Token) which is the game currency.

Anyway, here is a picture of my room as an example.


0.3 The Shop.

I believe the section of the shop is a really cool idea. Since, you are a miner, you could invest in a machine for lifetime mining. You can buy a machine depending on how much money you have. They do have an exchange where you can exchange your tokens to RLT and buy mining machines.

Of course, you cannot buy a mining device and leave it hanging, you need to buy at least one rack to put your devices in. Again this is going to be a lifetime thing.


0.4 Games

This game is not all about spending and leaving your laptop until your miner generates for you income. I do not have any device myself YET. But, I'll get one soon once I have the money for it.

Anyway, you have here different flash games which you can play for 60 seconds or less and earn a mining power which lasts for 24 hours. You can just rely on this if you would like.

Note: You do not have to keep changing the game every time. You can stick to one game if you would like.


0.5 Your Wallet

From the side menu, you have the "Wallet" option. You can click on that and see your balances. You can withdraw them or exchange them for RLT.


Finally, here is the link to the game:



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