Coinpot Faucets Are Back!

By Ronnie10 | CryptoSlice | 10 Jun 2020

Great News!.. I have been waiting for this to share it with you. You might already know this by now if you are like me (using Coinpot on daily basis).

What Has Changed...?

If you haven't noticed before. The faucets are not all the same. There were some older faucets and newer faucets. The design of the faucets was different. For instance, if you notice MoonDash and MoonBitcoinCash were different than MoonBitcoin, MoonDoge and MoonLitecoin. The interface was different. Luckily, everything else remains the same.


As you can see in the above image. The interface of MoonBitcoin is different just like all the updated faucets.

The Struggle..!

Yes, I was checking those faucets on daily basis as the website was running some maintenance to update them. So, whenever I enter the website, I was getting the message which says that those faucets that I was trying to enter were temporary disabled due to maintenance.

Finally, they are back today! Few hours back I checked and these faucets were not working. So, hopefully I am the first person to bring you these good news.

If you are not registered yet on these faucets to earn Bitcoin, Dash, BitcoinCash, Doge and Litecoin. Feel free to find all the links below. Plus, the link of my original post which I explain to you each faucet individually.

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Litecoin

Moon DogeCoin

Moon Dash

Moon Bitcoin Cash


Bonus Bitcoins



And this is the link to my original post where you'll find the explanation to Coinpot and all these faucets and how to earn from them. [The Ultimate Guide: Earn $0.005 in 10 mins with CoinPot].

You can also find here the proof of my first withdrawal. [My First CoinPot Withdrawal + Proof of Payment].


DisclaimerThis is a personal opinion and I am not responsible for the outcomes of your decisions nor the comments posted below or any link in this post. This post should be viewed for entertainment purposes only. I am not working for the above mentioned companies. Do your own research before you make your decision.



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