Balanced on ICON-A brief animated explainer
Balanced a brief explainer

Balanced on ICON-A brief animated explainer

By Cryptosetups | Cryptosetups | 7 May 2021

I have created this simple and brief explainer talking about

The below is taken from the Balanced site:

"Balanced uses the ICON Network, a blockchain well suited for the traffic of a DeFi platform. It boasts $0.005 transaction fees (0.002 ICX), 2 second transaction times, and can comfortably handle 1,300 transactions every 2 seconds.And that’s just the first version.

Compared to Ethereum, ICON is more than 3,200x cheaper, completes transactions 150x faster, and can process 45x the transactions per second. For a fast, affordable, and scalable finance product, ICON was the obvious choice."

Odysee link

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