My Dream with BITCOIN CASH

My Dream with BITCOIN CASH

By Agilaxxx | CryptoService | 20 Jul 2021

I want to see SOMEDAY that Bitcoin Cash is already the International monetary system.

Since I started to discover the convenience that gives by the Bitcoin Cash network where I don't need to keep exchanges in different fiat money time to time every time I get some International deals such us paying the product online or send and receive money from my friends or family.

It too hustle before just to pay internationally even a simple sending or receiving a money is inconvenient which where you need to find a branch of some remittance company where you need to receive the money it same with the senders it must need that you had same remittance like such as example if you send a money on WESTERN UNION you must need to know that there is available branch of the western union on the place where your receiver. that's not the only the problem there is also where you need to pay a big fee because of the distance and sometimes there is country where there is much big tax so the receiver sometimes receive the money not exactly what you send and it too inconvenient.

The other problem is you need to convert the money on the bills depend on the country where you are in such as if your in America then you must use only US Dollar while if your in Europe Area you must only use Euro or what even the money that release by there central bank. So it too hustle for you to go time to time on the bank or money changer just to exchange your money every time you cross a boarders.

That's why if you are planning to travel the world you will get a lot of hustle just to exchange the money you hold before you can enjoy your tour and visit.

But don't worry now since the Bitcoin Cash is born where it accepted in lot of country you don't need anymore to visit a money exchange or bank just to exchanges your Bitcoin Cash since you can use it already as it the way as far the convenience store is accepting a payment of Bitcoin Cash. and I hope that the influence of this Cryptocurrency will be more wide and be more flexible where I dream a Future of world that our Bitcoin Cash is already the world Money and the most usable monetary system in every corner of the world.

I am hoping that someday the BITCOIN CASH is already the most popular cryptocurrency but hope that it still same as usual where the convenient fee is still affordable, same with the fastest transaction time and no delay.


  • Because it had affordable fee

  • Fast transaction time

  • Stable growth of the ecosystem

  • Reachable Community

  • Easy but safe network system

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