Want to Spice Up Your Kucoin Account? How about some Nano?

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 5 May 2022

One thing about spending too much time on subreddit r/cryptocurrency is that it got me interested to try out Nano. Nano will always be brandished about whenever people discuss cheap ways to pay for stuff with crypto, along with the likes of XLM and LTC.

But I was never interested in acquiring Nano, not least because it required me to download the Natrium app. It seemed onerous to have to juggle one more app in my daily life. 

Two things made me change my mind. Firstly, a guy at the subreddit r/extracrypto published a list of Nano faucets. He even set up a Reddit Nano bot so that users could receive a tip of 0.01 Nano. Secondly, and more importantly, I found out that I could transfer Nano from the Natrium app to my Kucoin account for a grand total of 0 fees. Sending crypto for free?! Oh man, I got to try this out for myself.

So, I downloaded the Natrium app and received enough Nano tips from the faucet to meet the minimum deposit requirement of 0.01 Nano on Kucoin’s end. Once I surpassed my target, it was time to put Nano to the test!


As you can see, depositing Nano into Kucoin was a breeze. Did my 0.01107 Nano arrive safe and sound?


Oh yes, it did! Apparently, Nano could support feeless transactions because senders do a small Proof-of-Work to prevent spam. So, if I send 0.01107 Nano, I will get 0.01107 Nano. Fascinating, huh?

Of course, given that it will take forever for me to receive a substantial amount of Nano from faucets, I will probably not collect Nano very often. Still, it was cool to find out another use case for Kucoin for my situation! Yay.

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