Singapore’s progressive stance with Bitcoin

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 3 Apr 2024

I broke into the Top 10 for March’s MSM. I don’t know if it’s due to me posting like a maniac or the bug caused by the Daylight Savings, but I’ll take the win, tainted as it may be lol.


I withdrew 90k sats immediately to my Zebedee (ZED) wallet. I had a mission in mind that I wanted to clear.


I learnt that the Lightning Network is kind of awesome because I just paid 2 sats in routing fees.


I have been buying gift cards from Bitrefill because it seems like the only way I could spend my sats. But earlier this year, a bill payment company called AXS announced its partnership with Triple A, a crypto payment company. Singaporeans pay their bills using AXS machines scattered all over the island. However, if I wanted to pay my bill with sats, I gotta download the AXS app. Which I did ofc. Haven’t you heard? Sensei’s on a mission!


I wanted to pay my conservancy fee but it seemed that I haven’t been charged for April yet. Determined, I switched gears and decided to pay my insurance fee. No, not even the 2% service fee deterred me. I mean, it’s cheaper than a cup of coffee!   1524fa44a31362ddc6ddf1773f3e2128d0d63b6a5c284dc5c10f71c3ef876274.jpg   b810d753509c632de3f95dbff723601f4f371eb5cf7f251f9a7e0dbee5e3ffa6.jpg
I copied n pasted the Lightning invoice on my ZBD wallet.   158b5751a39a6cc560974bc5081b022631a37ac40312a5554421fa6a13e302ce.jpg   I confirmed the transaction like a BOSS.   c24f6fb6fe68107fdc5793e4cd78aa3d00380268aa9464b621320cf6e83bad96.jpg
Success! I have never felt so thrilled when it comes to paying bills. Paying with sats just hits differently.   de5e43c07137589a8b6e0f563e335e258e65600d9fe28e5ac47f75f4c7b6c3ed.jpg   So addicted to this feeling that I prepaid my utilities bill this morning.   64752b058ffc09915c2ee1cd0984fb7b055a016d35e51a97b8554fd8229cf5cd.jpg   I love the direction Singapore is taking. I love being empowered to pay my bills with sats. I love the feeling of being accomplished whenever I tackle something on the Lightning Network.                  





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