Lesser-known crypto terms I picked up

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 17 Apr 2022

Sure, you have heard of HODL or WAGMI, but I bet there are some crypto slang terms that fly over your head. Trust me, I have been in that situation. Imagine chatting with your crypto mates about something you need a fresh perspective or second opinion on - and having to be distracted by asking what a term means. Now, I don’t claim that this list is comprehensive but these are some terms I picked up recently.


  1. Exit liquidity - This is a term used for people who want other people to buy their crypto bags. In other ways, they are waiting for new investors to pump the price up so that they can exit with a huge profit.
  2. Honeypot token - It’s a scam token that people can buy but cannot sell. Basically, all the money goes to whoever made the token, with no hope of you recovering your money!
  3. Crabbing - Referring to how the market is moving sideways, much like how a crab moves. Get it? I thought it was ingenious of people to use this animal analogy.
  4. Ser - The crypto way of calling someone Sir
  5. YODL - This means yield.
  6. JOMO - Joy of Missing Out. Okay, maybe this term isn’t exclusively used in the crypto space since some people use it pretty often in their daily life. But it is a good reminder that it’s okay to miss the boat because the next crypto-earning opportunity is right around the corner.
  7. YNGMI - You Not Gonna Make It. Sounds cruel but as this netizen informed me, context is everything. Not sure what he means but I am going to be on the lookout for this term from now on!


What crypto slang terms do you know? Teach me!

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