Just downloaded the Keplr wallet at long last. Any tips to navigating the Cosmos blockchain?

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 30 Oct 2022


In an earlier post, I wrote about converting the altcoins I earned from Coinbase to $ATOM. I have been wanting to explore the Cosmos blockchain for the longest time and finally, I have some play money to kickstart my journey.

A reason why I was keen on Cosmos was that I had read about how people benefitted from airdrops. Examples include tokens such as EVMOS, OSMO, JUNO amongst others! I kept coming across these tokens, so it didn’t seem that they were too obscure. Well, airdrops seemed enticing, so I wanted to devote some of my funds to Cosmos.

The following details my research on the Cosmos blockchain. Maybe it will be of use to you as well.

  1. Although I can delegate the $ATOM on my Keplr wallet to a validator and still retain control of them, I must ensure that I choose a validator that is outside the Top 10 in order to be eligible for airdrops. Apoarently, Nomic - bringing trustless BTC to the cosmos - completely discounted any $ATOM, $EVOMS, or $OSMO that were delegated in the top 20!
  2. Because I chose to delegate $ATOM with Coinbase Custody, this means that I need to redelegate it when the opportunity arises. Depending on the chain, redelegation can be done every 14, 21, or 28 days.
  3. It seems that I have a long way to go before I can claim any airdrops because I have less than one $ATOM. I will need at least 10-20 $ATOM in order to qualify for airdrops.
  4. The conditions for every airdrop are different, so r/cosmosairdrops is a good platform to bring myself up to speed. Another source I can refer to is http://airdrop.glideapp.io.
  5. Besides $ATOM, I may want to focus on building $Juno and $EVMOS bags. Use Osmosis as my DEX to swap for other cosmos projects or join liquidity pools.
  6. When I am on Osmosis, I should go to “Asset” section and then click “Deposit” for $ATOM. My $ATOM will then be available to swap on osmosis. r/osmosislab is a good resource for all things Osmosis.
  7. Speaking of which, Binance recently listed $OSMO. (https://www.binance.com/hi/amp/support/announcement/0c5d8ebc2ce1441ebb86c350a9950b65 )
  8. I need to check out Diffusion if I want to explore $EVMOS further.
  9. This doesn’t apply to me but in the course of my research, I learnt that since the Exodus wallet uses a regular cosmos address for $ATOM, it is eligible for aidrops. However, because you need a Keplr wallet to claim the airdrops, you have to import your Exodus seed phrase into Keplr wallet and use Keplr to claim them.



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