From Gold To Digital Gold

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 26 Oct 2021

“I want my students to learn to ask questions,” Mr Heng mumbled to himself. His sexy voice could scarcely be heard above the din of the crowded classroom.  

Facing the class with a scowl, he admonished his students, “Quiet!” The class immediately fell into silence. Mr Heng was infamous for scolding students fiercely.  

“Read the notes and write one question each on a Post-It Note,” he instructed them, tossing them each the Man’s Interactions with the Environment notes and five Post-It notes. Some students began to scribble furiously.  

“Where does gold come from?” Min Liang wondered aloud.   “That’s an excellent question!” Mr Heng exclaimed excitedly. He immediately found a TED-Ed video on the origin of gold. Apparently, gold was formed inside stars through nuclear fusion and fell on Earth when these supernova stars exploded. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to conclude that gold came from outer space!  

“It’s like Bitcoin!” Sanjiv suggested. Mr Heng was secretly pleased with his response and wanted to add on that Bitcoin was commonly referred to as digital gold. He was also impressed that this student had not only heard of Bitcoin already, but knew that Bitcoin was commonly categorised together with real gold. But he restrained himself. This was not a financial literacy lesson after all.  

“Okay. Get back to writing your questions,” Kr Heng repeated his instruction after the video ended.   He then promised them, “We will find out the answers to your other questions.”  

It was no surprise to him that in their questions, students pleaded to know the answers to how emeralds and diamonds were formed. He actually didn’t mind their questions with such a materialistic bent. He wanted to tell them about how Mikomoto pearls were formed. (This might come in handy for the boys in his class in future.) In another lesson, he could discuss blockchain technology and get them to explore electricity concepts that govern this innovation. 

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