Foray into r/ConeHeads

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 16 Sep 2023

You, my dear reader, should know the drill by now. Yes, I explored r/ConeHeads, which is another subreddit that gives out Reddit Community Points. In this case, the crypto distributed is Bitcone (also known as CONE).

So how did the idea of Bitcone come about? A year ago, Reddit collaborated with various artists to launch its Reddit Avatar NFT series. Among the myriad designs were ConeHeads. They did such a great job in securing a loyal customer base that successive generations of Reddit NFTs showcased ConeHeads in varied unique designs.

  • OGs initially got CONE as an airdrop from owning Gen 1 & 2 Reddit NFTs
  • Chipperdoodle designed the orange Gen 1 ConeHead with penny loafers on a snoo
  • Gen 2 ConeHead is Glowcone, which strikes a presence with its golden cone
  • Other ConeHeads include Bucket Heads, shiny Conelantis, Aliquam and Cone Gnome

I see where you are getting at. No, I don’t own a ConeHead. But that doesn’t stop me from venturing into uncharted territory. The people here are the friendliest Redditors I have had the privilege to meet. You can drop a post and say that you are a newbie. A flood of tips will then be showered upon you, thus giving you a head start. It’s so easy to start from scratch here.

After commenting intermittently for several weeks, I gained about 1.4 million Bitcone. I was eager to see if I could successfully convert Bitcone to MATIC. And so I went on QuickSwap Exchange for the first time. 


Success! I managed to convert 1.4 million Bitcone to $2 worth of MATIC. I know it isn’t a lot of money but the satisfaction gained from completing something new for the first time is immeasurable. I do feel confident that I know how to navigate my way around decentralised exchanges these days.


Anyway, the tipping culture there is infectious. These days, I try to pay it forward and tip other users a portion of the tips I have received. Sharing is caring.


I’m ranked 34th on today’s tipping leaderboard (cryotosensei). Maybe I will get to tip you when you are there!


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