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Finally earned 101 satoshis from Tweetoshi

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 23 Feb 2023

You know me. I have so many ways of getting satoshis. I think it appeals to the ENFP in me, the free spirited person who likes to try random novel things for the fun of it. So, I have been using Tweetoshi for the past two months.

This also suggests that the risk/reward ratio for Tweetoshi isn’t very enticing since it took me two months to meet the minimum 100 Satoshi payout. Lower returns that posting and tipping on Publish0x. So you may want to invest your time elsewhere. Tweetoshi does suit people who are already using Twitter.


The way to use Tweetoshi is simple. Firstly, download the app from the App Store. 


Then, just post a tweet on the Tweetoshi interface. I think of it as the outer coating for Twitter. The tweet will be automatically uploaded to Twitter. You may receive some sats later for your efforts.


Here’s the part I don’t understand. Some days, I am rewarded with 1 or 2 sats, but I don’t get anything on other days. Though there’s no need to sweat the small stuff because a few satoshis are not worth much anyway. I post on Tweetoshi because I copy the witty remarks I post on r/cryptocurrency and paste them there. Yes, I sure know how to optimise my efforts.


Withdrawing sats is easy for me too. I just created a Lightning Network invoice on Muun and pasted it on the clipboard. It arrived at my Muun account instantly! 

Even if it takes an agonisingly long time for me to accumulate 101 sats, I think I will keep on using it because I am already cracking my brains to post my witticisms. You may however perceive Tweetoshi differently. 

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