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By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 14 Sep 2023

  1. The Monetary Authority of Singapore is tightening crypto use here! From now on, we have to limit our outboard crypto transfers to DPT that is either on (1) Bitcoin or Bitcoin Fork Networks (eg. Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Zcash) or (2) Ethereum/ERC20 blockchain. Glad that Ethereum is regarded on par with BTC though. Otherwise my crypto life will have to undergo a drastic shift!


  1. Just learnt that Grab (the Singaporean version of Uber) aims to collaborate with the Monetary Authority of Singapore to distribute NFTs on its Web 3 Polygon wallet. As a Singaporean, I’m so thrilled. I love my country, I love MATIC n I love SG-MATIC on-boarding!


  1. Just in: Token2049 is a large-scale crypto event that will be held in Singapore today and tomorrow. The co-founder of Polygon Foundation (Sandeep Nailwal) and the COO of Uniswap Labs (Mary-Catherine Lader) are just 2 of the featured speakers!


  1. Things are heating up at the Token2049 conference here!This tweet seems to confirm the likelihood of a LayerZero airdrop.


  1. Token2049, a crypto conference is being held in Singapore now. Of all news, did you know what is reported in our main paper today? Telegram launches Web 3 wallet built on TON blockchain 😪


  1. Token2049 crypto conference is happening in Singapore right now. CoinEx announced its Gold sponsorship of this conference. Probably trying to divert attention from how it has been hacked into. Still proud of my country though.

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