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A post for Smoky McPotts

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 24 Feb 2023

Not sure if he patronises this platform nowadays. Here goes nothing. A year ago, when I was starting out on r/cryptocurrency and trying to pick up the ropes related to earning moons, he floored me by donating 200 moons to my account.


200 moons could be swapped for about US$10 in those days, so it was a huge tip for me. To put things in context, I earn about 30 cents for every article I post here, so he basically handed me enough money for a month’s worth of writing.

Fast forward one year. Yesterday, the payout was way better than I had expected. In short, I received double the amount of moons than anticipated. This definitely put me in a generous mood. 

First, I posted a comment about the different levels, the corresponding number of moons required to reach each level as well as the number of Redditors who has attained each respective level. 


Then, for responders who lacked a small amount of moons to ascend to the next level, I asked them, “What’s a lucky number in your culture?” An Ethiopian user mentioned the number 13 - “even our months of the year are 13.” Coincidentally, a Spanish user also stated that 13 is a lucky number in his culture and is often paired with Tuesday. I thought that was such an amazing thing. Two cultures as different as day and night relying on the same number as a lucky number. 🍀 

But I digress. I topped up their accounts with the number that they deemed lucky in their culture. For other users who couldn’t come up with a number, I tipped them 8 moons since 8 is an auspicious number in Chinese culture.

Felt really nice to be able to pay it forward. So, Smoky, if you are reading this, I hope it brought a smile to your face.


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