PreSearch Introduces "Reminder" Function

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 10 Mar 2020

Over the past year or so I've managed to accumulate a few referrals to PreSearch. Occasionally I like to check in to the referral status page that PreSearch offers. Sadly, over 85% of my referrals haven't used PreSearch enough for either of us to earn the referral bonus. I imagine many people register and install PreSearch, and then simply forget about it. Others may be confused by what it is without taking sufficient time to learn about PreSearch. 

Yesterday I noticed PreSearch has introduced a new feature on the Referral page called "Reminder." Next to each of your referees who haven't met the minimum usage requirements is a 'status' column. This column indicates whether your referral has used PreSearch "Recently," "A while ago," or "Never." If the referee has never used PreSearch, or not used it recently, then PreSearch now offers you the option to send them a reminder that they have registered with PreSearch and need only to start using it to start earning PRE tokens. I'm sure it is using their registered email address to send this reminder.



I thought this was a great feature to introduce and wanted to share it here to make sure everyone was aware of it. 

As 75% or so of my referrals had either never used PreSearch, or not used it recently, I went through the entire list and clicked on the "Reminder" button for each one. Maybe they will start using it now. Maybe they won't. But it certainly is worth a try to help spread the word about PreSearch. 

If you've not yet tried PreSearch, you can register here. PreSearch is a community driven decentralized web search engine that allows you to earn PRE tokens for using it. You can also stake PRE in exchange for keyword advertising on search results pages. 

Other crypo earning opportunities I regularly use include: 

the increasingly popular LBRY decentralized video and multimedia platform (make sure to join the Rewards program)

TokenTuber, crypto education video platform 

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