Monetizing Your Time Online with BitTube AirTime Extension
Monetizing Your Time Online with BitTube AirTime Extension

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 6 Apr 2019

BitTube just gets better and better. Recently they announced they have obtained a banking and exchange license. This is amazing news. This means BitTube will be able to convert your TUBE for you into your local currency. Which means you will be able to link your bank account to the browser extension and will be able to cash out your TUBES….directly into your bank. BitTube is on fire in regard to making crypto truly accessible to everyone by eliminating the need to bother with exchanges.

The AirTime extension will also have a built in VPN in it soon and debit cards are also coming. This is groundbreaking stuff and I’m frankly amazed at how little attention it is getting in crypto circles.

BitTube is the promising up and coming censorship-resistant, decentralized competitor to YouTube. They have recently released their new proof of view system and AirTime browser extension, allowing users to earn TUBE for simply browsing the web. Link your YouTube, social media channels, and domain if you have one, to earn TUBE for traffic to your sites. Not only that, it blocks ads and allows you to tip websites, publishers and content creators all at the same time. TUBES can be tipped to and shared with content creators and owners of almost any website, friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, used to access premium content on the BitTube platform, and soon, to make other purchases.

They have quite the roadmap and are busy at work with a relaunch of the BitTube platform planned for later in the year. The AirTime extension can be used on the Brave browser (available for Chrome also, and Firefox is coming soon), enabling you to doubly monetize your content by potentially earning both TUBE and BAT from visitors simultaneously.

You can also earn TUBE by watching and posting content on the BitTube platform. Some say it's easier to monetize your content on BitTube than Youtube, which has been paying out less and less over time. And since it isn’t dependent on people watching ads, it avoids the ‘YouTube effect’ where people create and post a lot of clickbait-y content in the hope of getting more ad revenue. With BitTube you get rewarded not for clicks, but by the amount of time viewers spend actually watching your content. If you create junk that people immediately want to turn off, you don’t get rewarded.

At it’s historical all time high, one TUBE was worth roughly $0.35 and clearly has the potential to far exceed that when the bull market returns.

I’ve been using the extension everyday with no issues. Install the extension and get paid to do what you are already doing anyway. Why wait until after it’s more valuable to start earning?


Screen Capture of TUBE earnings for one day of online browsing

You will get 5 TUBES for signing up and installing the browser extension here





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