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Automated Crypto Trading

By SPYDER | DaSagaContinues | 8 Feb 2021

I have been testing a number of Spot & Futures Trading Bots over the last few years. I quickly learnt that there are many different types of bots, some of the strategies they use are:

1. Arbitrage Bots

Though, I haven't yet tried any Arbitrage bots, they seem to be the safest way to earn profits. 

2. Market Making Bots

I have been using GSMG for over 3 years and can say its one of the best market making bots with lots of customization features and subscription options. They only offer Spot Trading on all Binance and Bittrex Markets. Another such bot is Jet-Bot.

3. Portfolio Automation Bots

I have tried Shrimpy over the last year and this strategy is best suited to maximize returns during a bullrun.  

4. Technical Trading Bots

Recently I tried Mudrex, this is one of the best technical trading bots I have seen in the market. The canvas makes it very easy to build and backtest your strategies on both Spot and Futures Markets on multiple exchanges. However, this is for more experienced traders. 

5. Automated Bots

A handful of Bots like SmartTrade are plug and play. Just add funds to your Spot and Futures accounts and bot does the rest. 

To get started, create an account on Binance and link your API.

Goodluck & happy botting!






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